2017 Convention Speaker Schedule

Tentative Schedule: Speakers/topics subject change without notice. (Updated: 1.3.2017)

Sunday - Monday - Tuesday - Wednesday



Sunday, January 8, 2017Go to Top
Name Start Time End Time Location
High School Coaches Academy
Offensive Philosophy - Brent Eckley, Jackson (MO) High School 2:00PM 2:50PM  
Building and Maintaining a Competitive Program - Scott Yates, Kent Denver (CO) School 2:00PM 2:50PM  
Defending the Spread - Steve Specht, St. Xavier (OH) High School 3:00PM 3:50PM  
Strengthening the Head & Neck to Prevent Concussions - Mark Asanovich, Minnetonka (MN) High School 3:00PM 3:50PM  
National High School Coaches Forum:
Discussion - Sam Knopik, AFCA High School Chairman - The Pembroke (MO) School 
Recruiting Forum - Todd Berry, AFCA Executive Director
4:00PM 4:50PM  
Mike Riley, University of Nebraska 5:00PM 5:50PM  
First Timers' Meeting: Fred T. Farrier, Morgan State University 4:00PM 4:50PM  
Buzz Sessions - 6:00PM
Coordinator's Philosphy - Offense - Mike Thiessen, Air Force Academy 6:00PM 6:50PM  
Coordinator's Philosphy - Defense - Charles Kelly, Florida State University 6:00PM 6:50PM  
QB - Kirk Ciarrocca, Western Michigan University 6:00PM 6:50PM  
OL - Kris Cinkovich, University of Idaho 6:00PM 6:50PM  
TE - Alan Hensell, University at Buffalo 6:00PM 6:50PM  
WR - Kasey Dunn, Oklahoma State University 6:00PM 6:50PM  
RB - De'Rail Sims, James Madison University 6:00PM 6:50PM  
DL - Everett Todd, Grambling State University 6:00PM 6:50PM  
DB - Brandon Shelby, University of Indiana 6:00PM 6:50PM  
LB - Kevin Cosgrove, University of New Mexico 6:00PM 6:50PM  
Special Teams - Travis Niekamp, University of Montana 6:00PM 6:50PM  
Kicking Specialist - Brent Grablachoff, Kicking World 6:00PM 6:50PM  
Strength & Conditioning/Athletic Performance - Adam Conway, Dordt College 6:00PM 6:50PM  
Chalk War: Offense vs. Defense: 
Jason Bornn, Saugus (CA) High School vs. Jim Benkert, Oaks Christian (CA) High School
6:00PM 6:50PM  
Buzz Sessions - 7:00PM
Coordinator's Philosphy - Offense - Todd Fitch, Louisiana Tech University 7:00PM 7:50PM  
Coordinator's Philosphy - Defense - Don Brown, University of Michigan 7:00PM 7:50PM  
QB - Kyle McKenna, Brooklyn Tech (NY) High School 7:00PM 7:50PM  
OL - Saga Tuitele, University of New Mexico 7:00PM 7:50PM  
TE - Luke Schleusner, South Dakota State University 7:00PM 7:50PM  
WR - Dave Nichol, Washington State University 7:00PM 7:50PM  
RB - Bryan Applewhite, Colorado State University 7:00PM 7:50PM  
DL - Tom Sims, University of Pittsburgh 7:00PM 7:50PM  
DB - Troy Reffett, University of North Texas 7:00PM 7:50PM  
LB - Ben Barton, University of San Diego 7:00PM 7:50PM  
DB - Maurice Linguist, Mississippi State University 7:00PM 7:50PM  
Special Teams - Drew Watson, Newberry College 7:00PM 7:50PM  
Kicking Specialist - Cedric Oglesby, The Cedric Oglesby Kicking Academy 7:00PM 7:50PM  
S&C/Athletic Performance - Mark Asanovich, Minnetonka (MN) High School 7:00PM 7:50PM  
Strength & Conditioning Coaches Forum 8:00PM 9:00PM  
AFCWA Couples Ice Cream Social - Presented by the Jason Foundation 8:00PM 9:30PM  

Monday, January 9, 2017Go to Top
Name Start Time End Time Location
High School General Session
Cody White, Brentwood Academy (TN) 8:00AM 8:50AM  
Jeff Duke, 3Dimensional Coaching 9:00AM 9:50AM  
Luke Mertens, Lakes Community (IL) High School 10:00AM 10:50AM  
Junior College General Session
Saddleback Offense - Mark McElroy, Saddleback College  8:00AM 8:50AM  
Broncbusters Defense - Josh Hager, Garden City Community College 9:00AM 9:50AM  

Chalk War: Holmes Option Attack vs. Laney Eagles Defense:

Tim Stowers, Offensive Coordinator, Holmes Community College
Josh Ramos, Defensive Coordinator, Laney College

10:00AM 10:50AM  
International Session
Wes DeKirby (China) - Building the Foundation of American Football in the Most Populous Nation on Earth 8:00AM 8:50AM  
Voyt Andrzejczak (Poland) - Polishing the Game: Developing American Football in Central & Eastern Europe 9:00AM 9:50AM  
Dan Levy (Brazil) - American Football in Brazil: Growing Faster than Anywhere in the World 10:00AM 10:50AM  
Graduate Assistants/Career Forum
Moderator: Van Malone, SMU 
Clay Helton, USC 
Brandon Staley, John Carroll University 
Nick Fulton, Colorado School of Mines 
Brian Johnson, Mississippi State University 
Bobby Wilder, Old Dominion University
9:00AM 10:50AM  
Honors Luncheon 11:30AM 1:00PM  
General Sessions
The Pulse of the Profession - Todd Berry, AFCA Executive Director 1:30PM 2:50PM  
You Have the Power to Change a Culture - Brenda Tracy


"In Transition":

Chad Morris, SMU
David Cutcliffe, Duke University
Todd Berry, AFCA

Justin Fuente, Virginia Tech University 3:00PM 3:50PM  
Craig Bohl, University of Wyoming 4:00PM 4:50PM  
AFCA Tailgate Party
Friends, Football, and Free Food!! 6:30PM  

Tuesday, January 10, 2017Go to Top
Name Start Time End Time Location
Breakout Sessions - 8:00AM
John Stiegelmeier, South Dakota State University 8:00AM 8:50AM  
Drew Cronic, Reinhardt University 8:00AM 8:50AM  
Shoulder Tackling - Andy Ryland, USA Football; Gabe Infante, St. Joseph's Prep (PA) 8:00AM 8:50AM  

The Value of Independent Medical Care and Medical Autonomy:

Moderator: Dr. Brian Hainline, NCAA
Derek Mason
, Vanderbilt University
Tom Bossung, Vanderbilt University

8:00AM 8:50AM  
Breakout Sessions - 9:00AM
Ronnie Huckeba, Harding University 9:00AM 9:50AM  
Tyler Staker, Coe College 9:00AM 9:50AM  
Crisis Management: You'd Better Have a Game Plan - Jay Paterno
9:00AM 9:50AM  
NCAA Recruiting Seminar 9:00AM 10:50AM  
Breakout Sessions - 10:00AM
Power of Influence - Tony DeMatteo, Somers (NY) High School 10:00AM 10:50AM  

On Discipline & Accountability

Moderator: Fred T. Farrier, Morgan State University
Mark Dantonio, Michigan State University
Leslie Satchell, Satchell & Associates
Maurice Linguist, Mississippi State University
Glenn Caruso, University of St. Thomas 

10:00AM 10:50AM  

Football Operations Without an FBS Sized Budget:

Moderator: Jeff McMartin
Jed Stugart
, Lindenwood University
Doug Coate, Saint Francis University
Rob Smith, Humbolt State University
Tony Kunczewski, Berry College  

10:00AM 10:50AM  
Victory Luncheon 11:30AM 1:00PM  
General Sessions
This is YOUR AFCATodd Berry 1:30PM 1:50PM  
Mike MacIntyre, University of Colorado 2:00PM 2:50PM  
Mike Gundy, Oklahoma State University 3:00PM 3:50PM  
PJ FleckWestern Michigan University 4:00PM 4:50PM  
AFCA Awards Show
Broadcasting live on CBS Sports Network 8:00PM CST  

Wednesday, January 11, 2017Go to Top
Chalk Talks
Name Start Time End Time Location
Offense: Ashley Ingram, Navy 8:00AM 8:50AM  
Defense: Vic Koenning, Troy University 8:00AM 8:50AM  
Special Teams: Mark Tommerdahl, University of California - Berkeley 8:00AM 8:50AM  
Offense: Bob DeBesse, University of New Mexico 9:00AM 9:50AM  
Defense: Ohio University Defensive Staff - Burrow, Collins, Williams, Perkins 9:00AM 9:50AM  
Special Teams: Neil Herman, Buffalo State College 9:00AM 9:50AM