AFCA Membership Information

Membership Benefits of The American Football Coaches Association


1.  Members of the AFCA are represented by a strong national leadership organization which protects the football coaching profession’s best interests — your best interests — and strives for the highest possible professional standards, as outlined in its Constitution, Bylaws and Code of Ethics.

2.  AFCA membership enhances your professional growth and gives you an opportunity to contribute to the improvement of your profession.

3.  It provides new contacts, a line of communication and a forum for the exchange of ideas and information within your profession.

4.  Active members (those coaches associated with a four-year collegiate coaching staff) are eligible to vote for the AFCA Coach of the Year Award.

5.  Members are eligible to attend the AFCA convention.

6.  AFCA members receive a subscription to This is AFCA, the official magazine of the Association. 

7.  AFCA members have access to, the Association’s website.

8.  Each year, AFCA members receive the three primary publications of the AFCA:

• The AFCA Proceedings Manual contains a complete summary of the Association’s national convention, including all speeches given at the Coaching Clinic.

The AFCA Summer Manual contains coaching articles by some of the nation’s outstanding coaches, keeping you in touch with the most current trends in the game of football.

The AFCA Directory contains a complete listing of the AFCA membership, providing you with the names and addresses of those in the profession who are vitally interested in the future of the football coaching profession and its improvement.


Do I qualify for Membership?

In order to qualify for membership for the American Football Coaches Association, you must belong to one of the following categories:

Active I - Any head football coach, defensive coordinator, offensive coordinator, position coach, or coaching graduate assistant at an NCAA- or NAIA-affiliated institution which fields an intercollegiate football program.

Active II - Any on-the-field football coach employed: 1) by a four-year institution whose football program is not affiliated with the NCAA or NAIA, 2) by a junior or community college, 3) by a high school or preparatory school or school district, or 4) on the staff of an established professional football team.

Allied - (a) Any athletic director, associate or assistant athletic director, strength or conditioning coach, recruiting or video coordinator affiliated with a collegiate football program, (b) any retired coach, (c) any football coach residing in a foreign country who is a member of the United States Armed Forces, or (d) at the discretion of the Board of Trustees, any individual associated with a recognized football-related entity may apply to the Executive Director for Allied membership. Said membership may be approved at the discretion of the Executive Director.


Do you need to renew or join the AFCA?

To renew or join your membership with the AFCA, you may visit the On-Line Registration Center by clicking here!


Membership Help?

Please contact the AFCA if you need assistance with your membership at 254-754-9900 or by e-mail at

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