AFCA Committees

AFCA Board of Review: Acts as an appeals committee for decisions made by the Ethics Committee.

All-America Team Selection Committees: Responsible for selecting the AFCA Coaches’ All-America Teams in FCS, Division II, Division III and NAIA.

Assistant Coaches Committee: Established to give assistant coaches a voice within the Association and provide a forum to discuss issues involving assistant coaches (five committees).

Victory Luncheon Committee: Works with the AFCA staff to coordinate set up and help run the AFCA Victory Luncheon during the AFCA Convention.

Convention Services Committee: Works with the AFCA staff to help coordinate activities at the AFCA Convention.

Ethics Committee: Entrusted with upholding the AFCA Code of Ethics in regard to the actions of member coaches.

Exhibits Committee: Liaison between the AFCA membership and convention exhibitors.

Hall of Fame Committee: Works with the AFCA Board of Trustees to select worthy coaches for nomination to the College Football Hall of Fame.

High School Committee: Responsible for setting up the high school program at the AFCA Convention.

Honorary Membership Committee: Recommends potential Honorary membership candidates to the Board of Trustees.

Honors Luncheon Committee: Works with the AFCA staff to coordinate set up and help run the AFCA Honors Luncheon during the AFCA Convention.

Meeting Room Committee: Monitors all events at the AFCA Convention.

Minority Issues Committee: Addresses issues affecting minority coaches in college football.

Nominating Committee: Responsible for nominating future members of the Board of Trustees.

Professional Development Series Committee: Assists AFCA staff with Professional Development Series Activities at the AFCA Convention.

Program Committee: Assists and introduces speakers at the AFCA Convention.

Public Relations Committee: Works with the AFCA office to promote the positive aspects of college football. Selects the AFCA Assistant Coach of the Year winners based on input from AFCA-member coaches.

Registration Committee: Assists AFCA staff with the registration process at the AFCA Convention.

Rules Committee: Responsible for making recommendations to the NCAA Rules Committee based on input from the AFCA membership.

Amos Alonzo Stagg Award Committee: Responsible for recommending recipient of the Stagg Award to the Board of Trustees.

Summer Manual Committee: Responsible for securing authors for the AFCA Summer Manual.

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