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Creating social issues for student-athletes that affect their attitude and their behavior. AFCA has accepted our membership's request to identify the source of the social issues and provide successful solutions.

Through A Coach's Influence: Beyond the Game, hundreds of football coaches from all levels have contributed their expertise, techniques, and knowledge to be shared with all coaches and teachers through this book."

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Grant Teaff, as a player, coach, and executive director of the American Football Coaches Association, has spent 60 years of his life immersed in what he calls, "the great game." Like many other coaches who have invested their life in the game, he has seen and lived through many changes in our society.

Teaff is combining the wisdom and life experience into a special new book, A Coach's Influence: Beyond the Game. In this book, Teaff explores the changes in our society and how they have negatively affected our youth. His goal for the book: to become a reservoir of experience, techniques and knowledge for coaches and teachers who are confronted on a daily basis with the social issues created by the changed society.

Teaff, a native of Snyder, Texas, served as the head football coach of McMurry University, San Angelo State University, and Baylor University. He won 170 football games, while becoming a national leader and spokesman for the game of football.

Coach Teaff has been inducted into eight Halls of Fame, including the College Football Hall of Fame in 2001.

The American Football Coaches Foundation

Combining his knowledge and experiences, Grant Teaff explores the negative effects of changes in society. Teaff also relies on the generosity and expertise of hundreds of coaches in creating this book as a reservoir of experience, techniques and knowledge to serve coaches and teachers charged with the responsibility of influence.

The Foundation, as well as AFCA, believes this book will give coaches and teachers across America a resource of "best practices" they can teach to the next generation of coaches.

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