American Football Coaches Association Coaches Poll

Since 1950, the AFCA has conducted a weekly Top 20/Top 25 poll during the college football season. The AFCA awards the AFCA Coaches’ Trophy to the No. 1-ranked team in the final FBS Coaches Poll each season. The head coach of the No. 1-ranked team receives the trophy at the American Football Coaches Awards show in early January.


The FBS Coaches Poll is conducted weekly throughout the regular season using a panel of head coaches at FBS schools. The panel is chosen by random draw, conference by conference plus independents, from a pool of coaches who have indicated to the AFCA their willingness to participate. Each coach submits a Top 25 with a first-place vote worth 25 points, second place 24, and so on down to one point for 25th.

The US LBM / USA TODAY Sports AFCA Board of Coaches is 66 head coaches at Bowl Subdivision schools. All are members of the American Football Coaches Association.

Bud Wilkinson
Robert Neyland
Michigan State
Biggie Munn
Jim Tatum
Red Sanders
Bud Wilkinson
Bud Wilkinson
Ohio State
Woody Hayes
Paul Dietzel
Ben Schwartzwalder
Murray Warmath
Bear Bryant
John McKay
Darrell Royal
Bear Bryant
Michigan State
Duffy Daugherty
Notre Dame
Ara Parseghian
John McKay
Ohio State
Woody Hayes
Darrell Royal
Darrell Royal
Bob Devaney
John McKay
Bear Bryant
John McKay
Barry Switzer
Johnny Majors
Notre Dame
Dan Devine
John Robinson
Bear Bryant
Vince Dooley
Danny Ford
Penn State
Joe Paterno
Miami (FL)
Howard Schnellenberger
LaVell Edwards
Barry Switzer
Penn State
Joe Paterno
Miami (FL)
Jimmy Johnson
Notre Dame
Lou Holtz
Miami (FL)
Dennis Erickson
Georgia Tech
Bobby Ross
Don James
Gene Stallings
Florida State
Bobby Bowden
Tom Osborne
Tom Osborne
Steve Spurrier
Tom Osborne
Phil Fulmer
Florida State
Bobby Bowden
Bob Stoops
Miami (FL)
Larry Coker
Ohio State
Jim Tressel
Nick Saban
Pete Carroll
Mack Brown
Urban Meyer
Les Miles
Urban Meyer
Nick Saban
Gene Chizik
Nick Saban
Nick Saban
Florida State
Jimbo Fisher
Ohio State
Urban Meyer
Nick Saban
Dabo Swinney
Nick Saban
Dabo Swinney
Ed Orgeron
Nick Saban
Kirby Smart
Kirby Smart
RankSchool (1st votes)Pts.Prev. Rec.
1Michigan (63)1,575115-0
3Georgia 1,389613-1
6Florida State1,218313-1
10Ohio State1,014711-2
13Penn State8111010-3
14Notre Dame7721610-3
16Oklahoma State5752110-4
19Kansas State386NR9-4
21NC State271189-4
25West Virginia117NR9-4

Dropped out: No. 20 Liberty (13-1); No. 22 Oregon State (8-5); No. 24 Tulane (11-3); No. 25 James Madison (11-2).

Others Receiving Votes:
Liberty (13-1) 98; Oregon State (8-5) 90; Tulane (11-3) 34; James Madison (11-2) 24; Memphis (10-3) 23; Troy (11-3) 17; North Carolina (8-5) 17; Southern California (8-5) 9; Air Force (9-4) 7; UTSA (9-4) 5; Boise State (8-6) 3; Fresno State (9-4) 3; Northwestern (8-5) 3; Duke (8-5) 1; UNLV (9-5) 1; Wyoming (9-4) 1.

RankSchool (1st votes)Pts.Prev. Rec.
1Michigan (51)1,535213-0
2Washington (8)1,482313-0
3Florida State1,358413-0
4Alabama (3)1,351812-1
7Ohio State1,187611-1
10Penn State9521010-2
16Notre Dame633169-3
18NC State423209-3
21Oklahoma State299199-4
22Oregon State295218-4
25James Madison1142511-1

Dropped out: None.

Others receiving votes: Clemson (8-4) 107; Troy (11-2) 66; Kansas State (8-4) 64; Utah (8-4) 36; Kansas (8-4) 17; West Virginia (8-4) 8; Miami (Ohio) (11-2) 8; Toledo (11-2) 7; Boise State (8-5) 7; San Jose State (7-5) 3; New Mexico State (10-4) 1.

RankSchool (1st votes)Pts.Prev. Rec.
1Georgia (59)1,571112-0
2Michigan (4)1,506312-0
4Florida State1,403412-0
6Ohio State1,250211-1
10Penn State9671110-2
16Notre Dame602179-3
19Oklahoma State417219-3
20North Carolina State303249-3
21Oregon State253158-4
25James Madison79NR11-1

Dropped out: No. 20 Kansas State (8-4).

Others receiving votes: Toledo (11-1) 68; Clemson (8-4) 64; Kansas State (8-4) 54; Utah (8-4) 54; Troy (10-2) 25; Kansas (8-4) 15; West Virginia (8-4) 10; UNLV (9-3) 4; New Mexico State (10-3) 1; San Jose State (7-5) 1.

RankSchool (1st votes)Pts.Prev. Rec.
1Georgia (61)1,571111-0
2Ohio State (1)1,460311-0
3Michigan (1)1,458211-0
4Florida State1,375411-0
11Penn State908129-2
15Oregon State684108-3
17Notre Dame536188-3
18Tulane 4931710-1
20Kansas State424248-3
21Oklahoma State299258-3
24North Carolina State97NR8-3

Dropped out: No. 16 Utah (7-4); No. 20 North Carolina (8-3); No. 21 James Madison (10-1).

Others receiving votes:  North Carolina (8-3) 79; UNLV (9-2) 76; Utah (7-4) 75; Toledo (10-1) 49; James Madison (10-1) 48; Clemson (7-4) 25; Troy (9-2) 17; Texas A&M (7-4) 6; UCLA (7-4) 5; Kansas (7-4) 4; Fresno State (8-3) 3; West Virginia (7-4) 2; Air Force (8-3) 1; Texas-San Antonio (8-3) 1.

RankSchool (1st votes)Pts.Prev. Rec.
1Georgia (58)1,591110-0
2Michigan (3)1,479210-0
3Ohio State (3)1,467310-0
4Florida State1,428410-0
10Oregon State945138-2
12Penn State89098-2
14Mississippi 815108-2
18Notre Dame424227-3
20North Carolina 387238-2
21James Madison3432110-0
24Kansas State216NR7-3
25Oklahoma State145177-3

Dropped out: No. 18 Kansas (7-3); No. 25 Fresno State (8-2).

Others receiving votes: Kansas (7-3) 90; Liberty (10-0) 79; SMU (8-2) 27; UNLV (8-2) 24; North Carolina State (7-3) 16; Toledo (9-1) 16; Southern California (7-4) 7; Fresno State (8-2) 6; Air Force (8-2) 5; Troy (8-2) 5; Memphis (8-2) 1.

RankSchool (1st votes)Pts.Prev. Rec.
1Georgia (55)1,58719-0
2Michigan (4)1,47929-0
3Ohio State (5)1,46839-0
4Florida State1,43349-0
9Penn State1,09398-1
13Oregon State756197-2
17Oklahoma State543NR7-2
21James Madison279249-0
22Notre Dame264127-3
23North Carolina233257-2
25Fresno State113NR8-1

Dropped out: No. 17 Air Force (8-1); No. 20 UCLA (6-3); No. 22 Southern California (7-3).

Others receiving votes: Air Force (8-1) 78; Iowa (7-2) 57; Southern California (7-3) 56; Kansas State (6-3) 52; Liberty (9-0) 50; Duke (6-3) 24; UCLA (6-3) 22; SMU (7-2) 20; UNLV (7-2) 10; Toledo (8-1) 8; North Carolina State (6-3) 4; Kentucky (6-3) 4; Troy (7-2) 2; West Virginia (6-3) 1.

RankSchool (1st votes)Pts.Prev. Rec.
1Georgia (58)1,59018-0
2Michigan (3)1,52028-0
3Ohio State (3)1,45438-0
4Florida State1,43948-0
9Penn State1,072107-1
12Notre Dame847147-2
17Air Force523198-0
18Utah 509136-2
19Oregon State465126-2
22Southern California239227-2
24James Madison169258-0
25North Carolina120176-2

Dropped out: No. 21 Duke (5-3).

Others receiving votes: Kansas State (6-2) 85; Oklahoma State (6-2) 62; Fresno State (7-1) 51; Miami (Fla.) (6-2) 35; Duke (5-3) 33; Iowa (6-2) 20; Arizona (5-3) 18; Liberty (8-0) 15; SMU (6-2) 6; Florida (5-3) 3; Kentucky (5-3) 1; Toledo (7-1) 1; UNLV (6-2) 1.

RankSchool (1st votes)Pts.Prev. Rec.
1Georgia (58)1,58617-0
2Michigan (4)1,52228-0
3Ohio State (2)1,45937-0
4Florida State1,42647-0
10Penn State1,05666-1
12Oregon State892136-1
14Notre Dame688186-2
17North Carolina574106-1
19Air Force374227-0
22Southern California269166-2
25James Madison101NR7-0

Dropped out: No. 23 Iowa (6-2).

Others receiving votes: Florida (5-2) 52; Miami (Fla.) (5-2) 27; Kansas State (5-2) 25; Iowa (6-2) 24; Fresno State (6-1) 23; Oklahoma State (5-2) 13; Kentucky (5-2) 10; Wyoming (5-2) 9; Liberty (7-0) 8; SMU (5-2) 8; Arizona (4-3) 7; UNLV (6-1) 6; Kansas (5-2) 4; Maryland (5-2) 4; Toledo (7-1) 2; Wisconsin (5-2) 2; Clemson (4-3) 1.

RankSchool (1st votes)Pts.Prev. Rec.
1Georgia (58)1,59017-0
2Michigan (4)1,51627-0
3Ohio State (1)1,42936-0
4Florida State1,39046-0
6Penn State1,30256-0
7Oklahoma (1)1,26076-0
10North Carolina1,038126-0
13Oregon State809146-1
16Southern California60696-1
18Notre Dame572216-2
22Air Force196NR6-0

Dropped out: No. 19 Washington State (4-2); No. 23 Kentucky (5-2); No. 24 Kansas (5-2).

Others receiving votes: James Madison (6-0) 67; Clemson (4-2) 54; Florida (5-2) 29; Fresno State (6-1) 21; Washington State (4-2) 20; Arizona (4-3) 13; Wyoming (5-2) 12; Oklahoma State (4-2) 12; Miami (Fla.) (4-2) 12; Maryland (5-2) 11; Kentucky (5-2) 9; Liberty (6-0) 5; Kansas State (4-2) 5; UNLV (5-1) 4; Texas A&M (4-3) 4; West Virginia (4-2) 3; Memphis (4-2) 1; Kansas (5-2) 1.

RankSchool (1st votes)Pts.Prev. Rec.
1Georgia (61)1,59716-0
3Ohio State (2)1,44335-0
4Florida State1,41155-0
5Penn State1,30065-0
6Washington (1)1,24685-0
9Southern California1,12176-0
12North Carolina912135-0
14Oregon State713165-1
19Washington State370144-1
21Notre Dame324115-2

Dropped out: No. 17 Miami (Fla.) (4-1); No. 24 Fresno State (5-1).

Others receiving votes: Miami (Fla.) (4-1) 74; Wyoming (5-1) 60; Air Force (5-0) 58; Iowa (5-1)) 57; Maryland (5-1) 37; Clemson (4-2) 33; West Virginia (4-1) 24; Wisconsin (4-1) 23; Texas A&M (4-2) 22; Tulane (4-1) 18; James Madison (5-0) 9; Brigham Young (4-1) 9; Fresno State (5-1) 4; Ohio (5-1) 2; Memphis (4-1) 2; Florida (4-2) 2; Liberty (5-0) 1.

RankSchool (1st votes)Pts.Prev. Rec.
1Georgia (59)1,58915-0
2Michigan (1)1,50325-0
3Ohio State (2)1,40534-0
4Texas (1)1,38155-0
5Florida State1,37444-0
6Penn State1,24175-0
7Southern California1,22765-0
8Washington (1)1,19985-0
11Notre Dame925135-1
13North Carolina795154-0
14Washington State711174-0
16Oregon State606214-1
24Fresno State144NR5-0

Dropped out: No. 23 Florida (3-2); No. 24 Kansas (4-1); No. 25 Kansas State (3-1).

Others receiving votes: Maryland (5-0) 81; Kansas State (3-1) 73; Texas A&M (4-1) 59; Air Force (5-0) 32; UCLA (3-1) 29; Clemson (3-2) 18; Iowa (4-1) 17; Wyoming (4-1) 12; Kansas (4-1) 11; Tulane (4-1) 10; James Madison (5-0) 8; West Virginia (4-1) 6; Brigham Young (4-1) 5; Marshall (4-0) 3; Wisconsin (3-1) 3; Ohio (4-1) 2; Florida (3-2) 1; Memphis (4-1) 1.

RankSchool (1st votes)Pts.Prev. Rec.
1Georgia (61)1,59214-0
3Ohio State (2)1,41444-0
4Florida State1,39034-0
6Southern California1,28854-0
7Penn State1,22574-0
13Notre Dame83794-1
15North Carolina698174-0
17Washington State555244-0
18Miami (Fla.)485214-0
21Oregon State293153-1
25Kansas State109NR3-1

Dropped out: No. 19 Colorado (3-1); No. 22 Iowa (3-1); No. 23 Clemson (2-2); No. 25 UCLA (3-1).

Others receiving votes: Fresno State (4-0) 93; Kentucky (4-0) 87; TCU (3-1) 54; Maryland (4-0) 39; Louisville (4-0) 36; Texas A&M  (3-1) 36; UCLA  (3-1) 36;  Clemson (2-2) 35; Syracuse (4-0) 32; Colorado  (3-1) 29; Air Force (4-0) 24; Iowa (3-1) 16; Tulane (3-1) 11; Wyoming (3-1) 8; James Madison (4-0) 2; Marshall (3-0) 2; Georgia State (4-0) 1; Liberty (4-0) 1.

RankSchool (1st votes)Pts.Prev. Rec.
1Georgia (62)1,59813-0
2Michigan (1)1,51423-0
3Florida State1,39633-0
4Ohio State (1)1,39443-0
5Southern California1,32553-0
7Penn State1,22473-0
9Notre Dame1,044114-0
10Utah 967123-0
15Oregon State660173-0
17North Carolina592183-0
21Miami (Fla.)298233-0
24Washington State160NR3-0

Dropped out: No. 15 Kansas State (2-1).

Others Receiving Votes:
Kansas State (2-1) 114; Missouri (3-0) 44; Fresno State (3-0) 43; Florida (2-1) 41; TCU (2-1) 26; Kentucky (3-0) 28; Maryland (3-0) 19; Kansas (3-0)  17; Auburn (3-0)  16; Texas A&M (2-1) 11; Syracuse (3-0) 10; Air Force (3-0) 9; Tulane (2-1) 7; Central Florida (3-0) 5; James Madison (3-0) 3; Ohio (3-1) 3; Wyoming (2-1) 3; Louisville (3-0) 2; Wake Forest (3-0)  2; Arkansas (2-1) 1, Brigham Young (3-0) 1; Memphis (3-0)  1.

RankSchool (1st votes)Pts.Prev. Rec.
1Georgia (64)1,62412-0
2Michigan (1)1,53322-0
3Florida State1,44152-0
4Ohio State1,40142-0
5Southern California1,31963-0
7Penn State1,22972-0
11Notre Dame1,004113-0
15Kansas State675152-0
17Oregon State562182-0
18North Carolina506162-0
23Miami (Fla.)195NR2-0

Dropped out: No. 19 Wisconsin (1-1); No. 22 Tulane (1-1); No. 23 Texas A&M (1-1).

Others receiving votes: Washington State (2-0) 80; Kentucky (2-0)  38; TCU (1-1) 26; Auburn (2-0) 23; Texas A&M (1-1) 21; Fresno State (2-0) 21; Kansas (2-0) 17; Tulane (1-1) 16; Missouri (2-0) 14; Maryland (2-0) 14; Wake Forest (2-0) 13; Oklahoma State (2-0) 12; Central Florida (2-0) 11; Arkansas (2-0) 10; Syracuse (2-0) 9; Cincinnati (2-0) 8; Wisconsin (1-1) 7; Mississippi State (2-0) 7; Wyoming (2-0) 6; Minnesota (2-0) 6; Air Force (2-0) 5; Louisville (2-0) 3; South Carolina (1-1) 3; Memphis (2-0) 3; James Madison (2-0) 2; Michigan State (2-0) 1.

RankSchool (1st votes)Pts.Prev. Rec.
1Georgia (63)1,64711-0
2Michigan (1)1,53421-0
3Alabama (2)1,51531-0
4Ohio State1,42241-0
5Florida State1,38881-0
7Penn State1,21671-0
11Notre Dame950132-0
15Kansas State630171-0
16North Carolina546201-0
18Oregon State499181-0
20Ole Miss411221-0
23Texas A&M236251-0

Dropped out: No. 16 TCU (0-1); No. 24 Texas Tech (0-1).

Others receiving Votes: Iowa (1-0) 111; Pittsburgh (1-0) 53; Kentucky (1-0) 50; UCLA (1-0) 44; TCU (0-1) 40; Fresno State (1-0) 30; Miami (Fla.) (1-0) 22; Auburn (1-0) 22; Arkansas (1-0) 18; Maryland (1-0) 14; Missouri (1-0) 13; Troy (1-0) 11; Oklahoma State (1-0) 11; North Carolina State (1-0) 10; Illinois (1-0) 9; Wyoming (1-0) 8; Washington State (1-0) 7; Wake Forest (1-0) 7; Air Force (1-0) 7; Minnesota (1-0) 6; Mississippi State (1-0) 5; South Carolina (0-1) 4; Kansas (1-0) 4; Texas Tech (0-1) 3; SMU (0-1) 3; Central Florida (1-0) 3; Houston (1-0) 2; Texas-San Antonio (0-1) 1; Michigan State (1-0) 1; Memphis (1-0) 1; Louisville (1-0) 1; James Madison (1-0) 1; Arizona (1-0) 1.

RankSchool (1st votes)Pts.Prev. Rec.
1Georgia (61)1,64310-0
3Alabama (4)1,48950-0
4Ohio State (1)1,48540-0
7Penn State1,18170-0
8Florida State1,145100-0
13Notre Dame841180-0
17Kansas State440140-0
18Oregon State365170-0
20North Carolina315NR0-0
24Texas Tech200NR0-0
25Texas A&M196NR0-0

Others Receiving Votes: Iowa (8-5) 169; South Carolina (8-5) 89; Florida (6-7) 63; Texas-San Antonio (11-3) 59; Pittsburgh (9-4) 52; UCLA (9-4) 42; Kentucky (7-6) 34; Baylor (6-7) 28; Troy (12-2) 25; Arkansas (7-6) 20; Fresno State (10-4) 19; North Carolina State (8-5) 19; Auburn (5-7) 18; Boise State (10-4) 18; Miami (Fla.) (5-7) 16; Minnesota (9-4) 16; Mississippi State (9-4) 13; Oklahoma State (7-6) 12; Missouri (6-7) 11; Maryland (8-5) 10; SMU (7-6) 8; South Alabama (10-3) 8; Illinois (8-5) 7; Air Force (10-3) 6; Wake Forest (8-5) 6; Toledo (9-5) 5; Washington State (7-6) 4; Houston (8-5) 3; Arizona (5-7) 2; Brigham Young (8-5) 2; Duke (9-4) 2; James Madison (8-3) 1; Kansas (6-7) 1; Memphis (7-6) 1.


In response to overwhelming support by NCAA FCS coaches, the American Football Coaches Association began publishing a FCS Top 25 Coaches’ Poll in 2018. Prior to 2018, the  NCAA FCS Coaches Poll was administered by the Southern Conference. The regional poll had been used to rank teams for consideration for the NCAA playoffs.


The FCS  poll follows the same basic format as the Amway Coaches Poll. The FCS Board of Coaches will have 30 voters representing all FCS football playing conferences, as well as independent schools. The FCS Coaches’ Poll will be released on Mondays beginning with a preseason poll in August and will run through the final week of the regular season in November. A final poll will be released the Monday following the NCAA FCS championship game.

RankSchool (1st votes)Rec.Pts.Prev.PostseasonHead Coach
1South Dakota St. (23)15-05751D. No. 2 Montana, 23-3, in championshipJimmy Rogers
2Montana13-25522Lost to No. 1 South Dakota St., 23-3, in championshipBobby Hauck
3North Dakota St.11-45137Lost to No. 2 Montana, 31-29 2OT, in semifinalsMatt Entz
4t.Idaho9-44484Lost to No. 15 UAlbany, 30-22, in quarterfinalsJason Eck
4t.South Dakota10-34483Lost to No. 7 North Dakota St., 45-17, in quarterfinalsBob Nielson
6Furman10-34476Lost to No. 2 Montana, 35-28 OT, in quarterfinalsClay Hendrix
7UAlbany11-442915Lost to No. 1 South Dakota St., 59-0, in semifinalsGreg Gattuso
8Montana St.8-44118Lost to No. 7 North Dakota St., 35-34 OT, in second roundBrent Vigen
9Villanova10-34079Lost to No. 1 South Dakota St., 23-12, in quarterfinalsMark Ferrante
10Florida A&M12-14005D. Howard, 30-26, in Celebration BowlWillie Simmons
11Delaware9-427812Lost to No. 2 Montana, 49-19, in second roundRyan Carty
12Austin Peay9-326410Lost to No. 19 Chattanooga, 24-21, in first roundScotty Walden
13Southern Illinois8-525817Lost to No. 4 Idaho, 20-17 OT, in second roundNick Hill
14UIW9-225411DNQ PlayoffsClint Killough
15Sacramento St.8-523816Lost to No. 3 South Dakota, 34-24, in second roundAndy Thompson
16North Dakota7-522314Lost to No. 16 Sacramento St., 42-35, in first roundBubba Schweigert
17Chattanooga8-520319Lost to No. 6 Furman, 26-7, in second roundRusty Wright
18North Carolina Central9-318513Lost to No. 25 Richmond, 49-27, in first roundTrei Oliver
19Lafayette9-317818Lost to No. 12 Delaware, 36-34, in first roundJohn Troxell
20Mercer9-417520Lost to No. 1 South Dakota St., 41-0, in second roundDrew Cronic
21Youngstown St.8-513823Lost to No. 9 Villanova, 45-28, in second roundDoug Phillips
22Richmond9-413025Lost to No. 15 UAlbany, 41-13, in second roundRuss Huesman
23UT Martin8-310021DNQ PlayoffsJason Simpson
24Eastern Illinois8-36524DNQ PlayoffsChris Wilkerson
25Holy Cross7-45622DNQ PlayoffsBob Chesney

Dropped Out: none

Others Receiving Votes: UC Davis, 28; Harvard, 14; Gardner-Webb, 11; Tarleton, 8; Central Arkansas, 7; Nicholls, 7; Western Carolina, 7; Illinois St., 6; Yale, 4; William & Mary, 3; Rhode Island, 2; Samford, 2; Bryant, 1.

RankSchool (1st votes)Rec.Pts.Prev.Week 12Next Game
1South Dakota St. (24)11-06001D. Missouri St., 35-17Dec. 2 TBD
2Montana10-15703D. No. 4 Montana St., 37-7Dec. 2 TBD
3South Dakota9-25525D. Western Illinois, 48-6Dec. 2 TBD
4Idaho8-34798D. Idaho St., 63-21Dec. 2 TBD
5Florida A&M10-14547D. Bethune-Cookman, 24-7Dec. 2 vs. Prairie View A&M
6Furman9-24472Lost to Wofford, 19-13Dec. 2 TBD
7North Dakota St.8-34439D. Northern Iowa, 48-27Nov. 25 vs. Drake
8Montana St.8-34134Lost to No. 3 Montana, 37-7Dec. 2 TBD
9Villanova9-239915D. No. 6 Delaware, 35-7Dec. 2 TBD
10Austin Peay9-238212D. No. 20t Central Arkansas, 14-12Nov. 25 vs. No. 19 Chattanooga
11UIW8-231711D. Houston Christian, 45-24Season Complete
12Delaware8-33106Lost to No. 15 Villanova, 35-7Nov. 25 vs. No. 18 Lafayette
13North Carolina Central9-229014D. Delaware St., 55-14Nov. 25 at No. 25 Richmond
14North Dakota7-426017D. Illinois St., 22-21Nov. 25 vs. No. 16 Sacramento St.
15Albany9-325723D. Monmouth (N.J.), 41-0Dec. 2 TBD
16Sacramento St.7-420910Lost to UC Davis, 31-21Nov. 25 at No. 14 North Dakota
17Southern Illinois7-420420tD. Indiana St., 38-9Nov. 25 vs. Nicholls
18Lafayette9-218622D. Lehigh, 49-21Nov. 25 at No. 12 Delaware
19Chattanooga7-418216Lost to Alabama, 66-10Nov. 25 at No. 10 Austin Peay
20Mercer8-316924Idle Nov. 25 vs. Gardner-Webb
21UT Martin8-316213Lost to Samford, 27-17Season Complete
22Holy Cross7-47525D. Georgetown (D.C.), 31-10Season Complete
23Youngstown St.7-468NRD. Murray St., 34-17Nov. 25 vs. Duquesne
24Eastern Illinois8-359NRD. Robert Morris (Pa.), 28-14Season Complete
25Richmond8-357NRD. William & Mary, 27-26Nov. 25 vs. No. 13 North Carolina Central

Dropped Out: Western Carolina (18), Harvard (19), Central Arkansas (20t)

Others Receiving Votes: Western Carolina, 46; UC Davis, 45; Harvard, 42; Central Arkansas, 32; Nicholls, 23; Illinois St., 13; Yale, 13; Gardner-Webb, 12; Tarleton, 11; Drake, 5; William & Mary, 5; Rhode Island, 4; Duquesne, 3; Bryant, 1; Samford, 1.

RankSchool (1st votes)Rec.Pts.Prev.Week 11Next Game
1South Dakota St. (26)10-06501D. Youngstown St., 34-0Nov. 18 vs. Missouri St.
2Furman9-16152D. VMI, 37-3Nov. 18 at Wofford
3Montana9-16033D. Portland St., 34-10Nov. 18 vs. No. 4 Montana St.
4Montana St.8-25635D. Eastern Washington, 57-14Nov. 18 at No. 3 Montana
5South Dakota8-25296D. No. 12 North Dakota, 14-10Nov. 18 at Western Illinois
6Delaware8-24918D. Campbell, 45-7Nov. 18 vs. No. 15 Villanova
7Florida A&M9-14469D. Lincoln (Calif.), 28-0Nov. 18 at Bethune-Cookman
8Idaho7-34054Lost to Weber St., 31-29Nov. 18 vs. Idaho St.
9North Dakota St.7-339613D. No. 15 Southern Illinois, 34-10Nov. 18 at Northern Iowa
10Sacramento St.7-339011D. Cal Poly, 41-30Nov. 18 at UC Davis
11UIW7-238510vs. Northwestern St. (canceled)Nov. 18 at Houston Christian
12Austin Peay8-236414D. Utah Tech, 30-17Nov. 18 vs. No. 20t Central Arkansas
13UT Martin8-233316D. Southeast Missouri St., 41-14Nov. 18 at Samford
14North Carolina Central8-22857Lost to Howard, 50-20Nov. 18 vs. Delaware St.
15Villanova8-227718D. Towson, 33-10Nov. 18 at No. 6 Delaware
16Chattanooga7-324417IdleNov. 18 at Alabama
17North Dakota6-422712Lost to No. 6 South Dakota, 14-10Nov. 18 vs. Illinois St.
18Western Carolina7-320621D. East Tennessee St., 58-7Nov. 18 at VMI
19Harvard8-119519D. Pennsylvania, 25-23 3OTNov. 18 at Yale
20t.Central Arkansas7-313524D. Eastern Kentucky, 27-24Nov. 18 at No. 12 Austin Peay
20t.Southern Illinois6-413515Lost to No. 13 North Dakota St., 34-10Nov. 18 vs. Indiana St.
22Lafayette8-213323D. Fordham, 24-16Nov. 18 at Lehigh
23Albany8-313125D. Stony Brook, 38-20Nov. 18 vs. Monmouth (N.J.)
24Mercer8-3108NRD. Samford, 28-21Regular Season Complete
25Holy Cross6-44022Lost to Army, 17-14Nov. 18 vs. Georgetown (D.C.)

Dropped Out: Northern Iowa (20)

Others Receiving Votes: Eastern Illinois, 34; Northern Iowa, 33; Tarleton, 29; Illinois St., 23; Youngstown St., 23; William & Mary, 9; Nicholls, 4; Rhode Island, 4; UC Davis, 4; Richmond, 1.

RankSchool (1st votes)Rec.Pts.Prev.Week 10Next Game
1South Dakota St. (26)9-06501D. No. 10 North Dakota St., 33-16Nov. 11 at Youngstown St.
2Furman8-16122D. No. 13t Chattanooga, 17-14Nov. 11 vs. VMI
3Montana8-16033D. No. 7 Sacramento St., 34-7Nov. 11 at Portland St.
4Idaho7-25755D. Northern Colorado, 27-13Nov. 11 at Weber St.
5Montana St.7-25338D. Northern Arizona, 45-21Nov. 11 vs. Eastern Washington
6South Dakota7-249212D. No. 11 Southern Illinois, 14-7Nov. 11 vs. No. 12 North Dakota
7North Carolina Central8-14919D. Norfolk St., 38-24Nov. 11 at Howard
8Delaware7-23866Lost to Elon, 33-27Nov. 11 at Campbell
9Florida A&M8-137813tD. Alabama A&M, 42-28Nov. 11 vs. Lincoln (Calif.)
10UIW7-23684Lost to Nicholls, 45-32Nov. 11 vs. Northwestern St.
11Sacramento St.6-33557Lost to No. 3 Montana, 34-7Nov. 11 vs. Cal Poly
12North Dakota6-334615D. Murray St., 45-31Nov. 11 at No. 6 South Dakota
13North Dakota St.6-332410Lost to No. 1 South Dakota St., 33-16Nov. 11 vs. No. 15 Southern Illinois
14Austin Peay7-230417D. Eastern Kentucky, 33-30 OTNov. 11 vs. Utah Tech
15Southern Illinois6-328511Lost to No. 12 South Dakota, 14-7Nov. 11 at No. 13 North Dakota St.
16UT Martin7-226318D. Tennessee Tech, 44-41 OTNov. 11 vs. Southeast Missouri St.
17Chattanooga7-325813tLost to No. 2 Furman, 17-14Nov. 18 at Alabama
18Villanova7-219322D. New Hampshire, 45-33Nov. 11 vs. Towson
19Harvard7-119119D. Columbia, 38-24Nov. 11 vs. Penn
20Northern Iowa6-316123D. Western Illinois, 50-6Nov. 11 at Missouri St.
21Western Carolina6-315820D. Wofford, 28-25Nov. 11 vs. East Tennessee St.
22Holy Cross6-312921D. Lehigh, 28-24Nov. 11 at Army
23Lafayette7-29116Lost to Colgate, 37-34Nov. 11 vs. Fordham
24Central Arkansas6-37925D. North Alabama, 27-14Nov. 11 vs. Eastern Kentucky
25Albany7-367NRD. No. 24 William & Mary, 24-8Nov. 11 at Stony Brook

Dropped Out: William & Mary (24)

Others Receiving Votes: Youngstown St., 59; Mercer, 56; Illinois St., 16; Davidson, 9; Eastern Illinois, 5; Fordham, 3; Samford, 3; Tarleton, 3; William & Mary, 3; Nicholls, 1.

RankSchool (1st votes)Rec.Pts.Prev.Week 9Next Game
1South Dakota St. (25)8-06251D. No. 9 South Dakota, 37-3Nov. 4 vs. No. 10 North Dakota St.
2Furman7-15773D. East Tennessee St., 16-8Nov. 4 at No. 13t Chattanooga
3Montana7-15445D. Northern Colorado, 40-0Nov. 4 vs. No. 7 Sacramento St.
4UIW7-15334D. Lamar, 17-7Nov. 4 vs. Nicholls
5Idaho6-25158D. No. 2 Montana St., 24-21Nov. 4 at Northern Colorado
6Delaware7-15076D. Towson, 51-13Nov. 4 vs. Elon
7Sacramento St.6-24717D. Idaho St., 51-16Nov. 4 at No. 3 Montana
8Montana St.6-24582Lost to No. 8 Idaho, 24-21Nov. 4 vs. Northern Arizona
9North Carolina Central7-140710D. South Carolina St., 62-28Nov. 4 vs. Norfolk St.
10North Dakota St.6-239811D. Murray St., 38-6Nov. 4 at No. 1 South Dakota St.
11Southern Illinois6-238012D. Western Illinois, 63-0Nov. 4 vs. No. 12 South Dakota
12South Dakota6-23309Lost to No. 1 South Dakota St., 37-3Nov. 4 at No. 11 Southern Illinois
13t.Chattanooga7-229615D. VMI, 24-23Nov. 4 vs. No. 2 Furman
13t.Florida A&M7-129614D. Prairie View A&M, 45-7Nov. 4 at Alabama A&M
15North Dakota5-326017D. Indiana St., 36-33 OTNov. 4 at Murray St.
16Lafayette7-124119D. Georgetown (D.C.), 35-25Nov. 4 vs. Colgate
17Austin Peay6-221820D. North Alabama, 49-39Nov. 4 at Eastern Kentucky
18UT Martin6-217913Lost to Gardner-Webb, 38-34Nov. 4 at Tennessee Tech
19Harvard6-113723D. Dartmouth, 17-9Nov. 4 at Columbia
20Western Carolina5-312416Lost to Mercer, 45-38Nov. 4 at Wofford
21Holy Cross5-312022D. Fordham, 49-47Nov. 4 at Lehigh
22Villanova6-2107NRD. Stony Brook, 48-13Nov. 4 at New Hampshire
23Northern Iowa5-3105NRD. Illinois St., 24-21Nov. 4 vs. Western Illinois
24William & Mary5-38324D. Monmouth (N.J.), 31-28Nov. 4 at Albany
25Central Arkansas5-37318Lost to Tarleton, 25-23Nov. 4 at North Alabama

Dropped Out: New Hampshire (20t), UC Davis (25)

Others Receiving Votes: Mercer, 50; Youngstown St., 44; Fordham, 27; Albany, 23; Illinois St., 7; New Hampshire, 5; Eastern Illinois, 3; Princeton, 2; Davidson, 1; Samford, 1.

RankSchool (1st votes)Rec.Pts.Prev.Week 8Next Game
1South Dakota St. (26)7-06501D. No. 12 Southern Illinois, 17-10Oct. 28 at No. 9 South Dakota
2Montana St.6-16232D. No. 4 Sacramento St., 42-30Oct. 28 at No. 8 Idaho
3Furman6-15873D. No. 14 Western Carolina, 29-17Oct. 28 vs. East Tennessee St.
4UIW6-15455D. McNeese, 35-24Oct. 28 at Lamar
5Montana6-15376IdleOct. 28 vs. Northern Colorado
6Delaware6-15107D. Hampton, 47-3Oct. 28 at Towson
7Sacramento St.5-24754Lost to No. 2 Montana St., 42-30Oct. 28 vs. Idaho St.
8Idaho5-24718IdleOct. 28 vs. No. 2 Montana St.
9South Dakota6-142316D. Indiana St., 17-3Oct. 28 vs. No. 1 South Dakota St.
10North Carolina Central6-141810D. Morgan St., 16-10Oct. 26 vs. South Carolina St.
11North Dakota St.5-238815D. Western Illinois, 52-7Oct. 28 vs. Murray St.
12Southern Illinois5-234312Lost to No. 1 South Dakota St., 17-10Oct. 28 at Western Illinois
13UT Martin6-131419D. Charleston Southern, 17-0Oct. 28 at Gardner-Webb
14Florida A&M6-130418D. Texas Southern, 31-21Oct. 28 vs. Prairie View A&M
15Chattanooga6-226620D. East Tennessee St., 34-3Oct. 28 at VMI
16Western Carolina5-225314Lost to No. 3 Furman, 29-17Oct. 28 vs. Mercer
17North Dakota4-31989Lost to Northern Iowa, 27-0Oct. 28 vs. Indiana St.
18Central Arkansas5-219721IdleOct. 28 vs. Tarleton
19Lafayette6-1120NRD. No. 11 Holy Cross, 38-35Oct. 28 at Georgetown (D.C.)
20t.Austin Peay5-211624D. Southern Utah, 48-45Oct. 28 vs. North Alabama
20t.New Hampshire4-311622D. Stony Brook, 45-14Oct. 28 at Rhode Island
22Holy Cross4-310811Lost to Lafayette, 38-35Oct. 28 at Fordham
23Harvard5-18717Lost to Princeton, 21-14Oct. 28 vs. Dartmouth
24William & Mary4-38313Lost to Towson, 34-24Oct. 28 vs. Monmouth (N.J.)
25UC Davis4-38223IdleOct. 28 at Northern Arizona

Dropped Out: Illinois St. (25)

Others Receiving Votes: Northern Iowa, 65; Villanova, 51; Fordham, 44; Youngstown St., 41; Pennsylvania, 25; Albany, 4; Mercer, 3; Eastern Illinois, 1; Illinois St., 1; Nicholls, 1.

RankSchool (1st votes)Rec.Pts.Prev.Week 7Next Game
1South Dakota St. (26)6-06501D. Northern Iowa, 41-6Oct. 21 at No. 12 Southern Illinois
2Montana St.5-16232D. Cal Poly, 59-19Oct. 21 at No. 4 Sacramento St.
3Furman5-15704D. Samford, 27-21Oct. 21 at No. 14 Western Carolina
4Sacramento St.5-15665D. Northern Colorado, 21-13Oct. 21 vs. No. 2 Montana St.
5UIW5-15116D. Texas A&M-Commerce, 28-11Oct. 21 at McNeese
6Montana6-149510D. No. 3 Idaho, 23-21Oct. 28 vs. Northern Colorado
7Delaware5-14648D. North Carolina A&T, 21-6Oct. 21 at Hampton
8Idaho5-24183Lost to No. 10 Montana, 23-21Oct. 28 vs. No. 2 Montana St.
9North Dakota4-240915D. No. 7 North Dakota St., 49-24Oct. 21 at Northern Iowa
10North Carolina Central5-14089IdleOct. 19 at Morgan St.
11Holy Cross4-236511IdleOct. 21 vs. Lafayette
12Southern Illinois5-134913D. Murray St., 27-6Oct. 21 vs. No. 1 South Dakota St.
13William & Mary4-233512IdleOct. 21 vs. Towson
14Western Carolina5-132914IdleOct. 21 vs. No. 3 Furman
15North Dakota St.4-23207Lost to No. 15 North Dakota, 49-24Oct. 21 vs. Western Illinois
16South Dakota5-130517D. No. 20t Youngstown St., 34-31Oct. 21 at Indiana St.
17Harvard5-023418D. Howard, 48-7Oct. 21 at Princeton
18Florida A&M5-122716IdleOct. 21 at Texas Southern
19UT Martin5-119019IdleOct. 21 vs. Charleston Southern
20Chattanooga5-215120tD. Mercer, 22-10Oct. 21 vs. East Tennessee St.
21Central Arkansas5-212025D. Stephen F. Austin, 24-21Oct. 28 vs. Tarleton
22New Hampshire3-38124D. Albany, 38-31Oct. 21 at Stony Brook
23UC Davis4-367NRD. No. 23 Weber St., 17-16Oct. 28 at Northern Arizona
24Austin Peay4-259NRD. Gardner-Webb, 41-14Oct. 21 at Southern Utah
25Illinois St.4-258NRD. Indiana St., 44-7Oct. 21 at Youngstown St.

Dropped Out: Youngstown St. (20t), Rhode Island (22), Weber St. (23)

Others Receiving Votes: Fordham, 47; Villanova, 38; Lafayette, 21; Youngstown St., 17; Eastern Kentucky, 6; Northern Iowa, 6; Rhode Island, 6; Pennsylvania, 2; Albany, 1; Mercer, 1; Portland St., 1.

RankSchool (1st votes)Rec.Pts.Prev.Week 6Next Game
1South Dakota St. (26)5-06501D. No. 22 Illinois St., 40-21Oct. 14 vs. Northern Iowa
2Montana St.4-16212IdleOct. 14 vs. Cal Poly
3Idaho5-16003D. Cal Poly, 42-14Oct. 14 vs. No. 10 Montana
4Furman4-15544D. The Citadel, 28-14Oct. 14 at Samford
5Sacramento St.4-15197IdleOct. 14 at Northern Colorado
6UIW4-14886D. Southeastern Louisiana, 33-26Oct. 14 vs. Texas A&M-Commerce
7North Dakota St.4-14868D. Missouri St., 38-10Oct. 14 at No. 15 North Dakota
8Delaware4-143510D. Duquesne, 43-17Oct. 14 vs. North Carolina A&T
9North Carolina Central5-139411D. Elon, 34-23Oct. 19 at Morgan St.
10Montana5-137513D. No. 18 UC Davis, 31-23Oct. 14 at No. 3 Idaho
11Holy Cross4-235812D. Bucknell, 55-27Oct. 21 vs. Lafayette
12William & Mary4-23529Lost to Virginia, 27-13Oct. 21 vs. Towson
13Southern Illinois4-13255Lost to Youngstown St., 31-3Oct. 14 at Murray St.
14Western Carolina5-131717D. No. 20 Chattanooga, 52-50Oct. 21 vs. No. 4 Furman
15North Dakota3-231215D. Western Illinois, 49-10Oct. 14 vs. No. 7 North Dakota St.
16Florida A&M5-124816D. Southern, 26-19Oct. 21 at Texas Southern
17South Dakota4-124621D. Murray St., 38-7Oct. 14 vs. No. 20t Youngstown St.
18Harvard4-020819D. Cornell, 41-23Oct. 14 vs. Howard
19UT Martin5-117723D. No. 25t Eastern Illinois, 28-27 OTOct. 21 vs. Charleston Southern
20t.Chattanooga4-29020Lost to No. 17 Western Carolina, 52-50Oct. 14 at Mercer
20t.Youngstown St. 3-290NRD. No. 5 Southern Illinois, 31-3Oct. 14 at No. 17 South Dakota
22Rhode Island4-28325tD. Brown, 34-30Oct. 14 vs. Richmond
23Weber St.3-36714Lost to Northern Arizona, 27-10Oct. 14 vs. UC Davis
24New Hampshire2-35424IdleOct. 14 vs. Albany
25Central Arkansas4-252NRD. Southeast Missouri St., 38-33Oct. 14 vs. Stephen F. Austin

Dropped Out: UC Davis (18), Illinois St. (22), Eastern Illinois (25t)

Others Receiving Votes: Northern Iowa, 51; UC Davis, 49; Illinois St., 43; Fordham, 37; Austin Peay, 34; Mercer, 31; Albany, 25; Eastern Washington, 19; Lafayette, 19; Villanova, 12; Eastern Illinois, 10; Northern Arizona, 8; Eastern Kentucky, 6; Hampton, 4; Jackson St., 1.

RankSchool (1st votes)Rec.Pts.Prev.Week 5Next Game
1South Dakota St. (26)4-06501D. No. 11 North Dakota, 42-21Oct. 7 at No. 22 Illinois St.
2Montana St.4-16213D. Portland St., 38-22Oct. 14 vs. Cal Poly
3Idaho4-15956D. No. 25 Eastern Washington, 44-36Oct. 7 at Cal Poly
4Furman3-15337IdleOct. 7 vs. The Citadel
5Southern Illinois4-051410D. Missouri St., 33-20Oct. 7 at Youngstown St.
6UIW3-15098IdleOct. 7 vs. Southeastern Louisiana
7Sacramento St.4-15059D. Northern Arizona, 31-30Oct. 14 at Northern Colorado
8North Dakota St.3-14972Lost to South Dakota, 24-19Oct. 7 at Missouri St.
9William & Mary4-13934Lost to Elon, 14-6Oct. 7 at Virginia
10Delaware3-139012IdleOct. 7 vs. Duquesne
11North Carolina Central4-133613D. Campbell, 49-48Oct. 7 at Elon
12Holy Cross3-23335Lost to No. 24 Harvard, 38-28Oct. 7 at Bucknell
13Montana4-129716D. Idaho St., 28-20Oct. 7 at No. 18 UC Davis
14Weber St.3-229214D. Northern Colorado, 28-21Oct. 7 vs. Northern Arizona
15North Dakota2-224411Lost to No. 1 South Dakota St., 42-21Oct. 7 vs. Western Illinois
16Florida A&M4-123418D. Mississippi Valley St., 31-7Oct. 7 at Southern
17Western Carolina4-122821D. The Citadel, 49-14Oct. 7 at No. 20 Chattanooga
18UC Davis3-221520D. Cal Poly, 31-13Oct. 7 vs. No. 13 Montana
19Harvard3-020024D. No. 5 Holy Cross, 38-28Oct. 6 vs. Cornell
20Chattanooga4-118822D. Wofford, 23-13Oct. 7 vs. No. 17 Western Carolina
21South Dakota3-1100NRD. No. 2 North Dakota St., 24-19Oct. 7 vs. Murray St.
22Illinois St.3-162NRIdleOct. 7 vs. No. 1 South Dakota St.
23UT Martin4-160NRD. Tennessee St., 20-10Oct. 7 at No. 25t Eastern Illinois
24New Hampshire2-35117Lost to Towson, 54-51Oct. 14 vs. Albany
25t.Eastern Illinois4-145NRD. Northwestern St., 19-10Oct. 7 vs. No. 23 UT Martin
25t.Rhode Island3-245NRD. Bryant, 49-26Oct. 7 at Brown

Dropped Out: Fordham (15), Youngstown St. (19), Villanova (23), Eastern Washington (25)

Others Receiving Votes: Northern Iowa, 43; Austin Peay, 36; Fordham, 36; Central Arkansas, 34; Youngstown St., 32; Mercer, 31; Eastern Washington, 27; Hampton, 25; Albany, 10; Stephen F. Austin, 10; Villanova, 9; Jackson St., 8; Eastern Kentucky, 4; Grambling St., 4; Samford, 2; Lafayette, 1; Princeton, 1.

RankSchool (1st votes)Rec.Pts.Prev.Week 4Next Game
1South Dakota St. (26)3-06501IdleSept. 30 vs. No. 11 North Dakota
2North Dakota St.3-06242IdleSept. 30 vs. South Dakota
3Montana St.3-15933D. No. 8 Weber St., 40-0Sept. 30 vs. Portland St.
4William & Mary4-05585D. Maine, 28-3Sept. 30 at Elon
5Holy Cross3-15286D. Colgate, 47-7Sept. 30 vs. No. 24 Harvard
6Idaho3-150510D. No. 4 Sacramento St., 36-27Sept. 30 at No. 25 Eastern Washington
7Furman3-14777D. No. 21 Mercer, 38-14Oct. 7 vs. The Citadel
8UIW3-14569D. North American, 63-3Oct. 7 vs. Southeastern Louisiana
9Sacramento St.3-14534Lost to No. 10 Idaho, 36-27Sept. 30 vs. Northern Arizona
10Southern Illinois3-040913IdleSept. 30 vs. Missouri St.
11North Dakota2-137314IdleSept. 30 at No. 1 South Dakota St.
12Delaware3-136416D. No. 12 New Hampshire, 29-25Oct. 7 vs. Duquesne
13North Carolina Central3-128219D. Mississippi Valley St., 45-3Sept. 30 vs. Campbell
14Weber St.2-22548Lost to No. 3 Montana St., 40-0Sept. 30 at Northern Colorado
15Fordham3-124122D. Stonehill, 44-0Sept. 30 at Georgetown
16Montana3-123711Lost to Northern Arizona, 28-14Sept. 30 vs. Idaho St.
17New Hampshire2-222312Lost to No. 16 Delaware, 29-25Sept. 30 vs. Towson
18Florida A&M3-117723D. Alabama St., 23-10Sept. 30 at Mississippi Valley St.
19Youngstown St.2-114924IdleSept. 30 at Northern Iowa
20UC Davis2-212315Lost to Eastern Washington, 27-24Sept. 30 at Cal Poly
21Western Carolina3-1119NRD. Charleston Southern, 77-21Sept. 30 at The Citadel
22Chattanooga3-1110NRD. No. 17 Samford, 47-24Sept. 30 at Wofford
23Villanova3-1109NRD. No. 18 Rhode Island, 35-9Sept. 30 at Albany
24Harvard2-08125D. Brown, 34-31Sept. 30 at No. 5 Holy Cross
25Eastern Washington2-270NRD. No. 15 UC Davis, 27-24Sept. 30 vs. No. 6 Idaho

Dropped Out: Samford (17), Rhode Island (18), Southeast Missouri St. (20), Mercer (21)

Others Receiving Votes: Mercer, 49; Rhode Island, 45; Illinois St., 42; Southeast Missouri St., 41; Central Arkansas, 26; Austin Peay, 16; Eastern Kentucky, 16; Northern Iowa, 15; Samford, 8; Hampton, 7; Eastern Illinois, 6; Jackson St., 5; Richmond, 5; UT Martin, 3; Pennsylvania, 1.

RankSchool (1st votes)Rec.Pts.Prev.Week 3Next Game
1South Dakota St. (26)3-06501D. Drake, 70-7Sept. 30 vs. No. 14 North Dakota
2North Dakota St.3-06242D. Central Arkansas, 49-31Sept. 30 vs. South Dakota
3Montana St.2-15803D. Stetson, 57-20Sept. 23 at No. 8 Weber St.
4Sacramento St.3-05566D. Stanford, 30-23Sept. 23 at No. 10 Idaho
5William & Mary3-05494D. Charleston Southern, 15-7Sept. 23 vs. Maine
6Holy Cross2-15315D. Yale, 49-24Sept. 23 vs. Colgate
7Furman2-14498D. Kennesaw St., 31-28Sept. 23 vs. No. 21 Mercer
8Weber St.2-14357Lost to Utah, 31-7Sept. 23 vs. No. 3 Montana St.
9UIW2-14219D. Abilene Christian, 27-20Sept. 23 vs. North American
10Idaho2-137510Lost to California, 31-17Sept. 23 vs. No. 4 Sacramento St.
11Montana3-035311tD. Ferris St., 17-10Sept. 23 at Northern Arizona
12New Hampshire2-134911tD. Dartmouth, 24-7Sept. 23 at No. 16 Delaware
13Southern Illinois3-033118D. No. 15 Southeast Missouri St., 26-25Sept. 30 vs. Missouri St.
14North Dakota2-129613Lost to Boise State, 42-18Sept. 30 at No. 1 South Dakota St.
15UC Davis2-127516D. Southern Utah, 23-21Sept. 23 vs. Eastern Washington
16Delaware2-122219D. St. Francis (Pa.), 42-14Sept. 23 vs. No. 12 New Hampshire
17Samford1-221214Lost to Auburn, 45-13Sept. 23 vs. Chattanooga
18Rhode Island2-121120D. Maine, 34-17Sept. 23 at Villanova
19North Carolina Central2-115917Lost to UCLA, 59-7Sept. 23 vs. Mississippi Valley St.
20Southeast Missouri St.1-215315Lost to No. 18 Southern Illinois, 26-25Sept. 23 at Eastern Kentucky
21Mercer2-115021IdleSept. 23 at No. 7 Furman
22Fordham2-113322tIdleSept. 23 vs. Stonehill
23Florida A&M2-112124D. West Florida, 31-10Sept. 23 vs. Alabama St.
24Youngstown St.2-198NRD. Robert Morris (Pa.), 48-28Sept. 30 at Northern Iowa
25Harvard1-042NRD. St. Thomas (Minn.), 45-13Sept. 22 vs. Brown

Dropped Out: Southeastern Louisiana (22t), Illinois St. (25)

Others Receiving Votes: Northern Iowa, 30; Western Carolina, 26; Princeton, 20; Eastern Washington, 19; Chattanooga, 13; Central Arkansas, 10; Illinois St., 9; Austin Peay, 8; Jackson St., 7; Stephen F. Austin, 7; Yale, 7; Eastern Kentucky, 5; Hampton, 5; Richmond, 4; Villanova, 4; Southeastern Louisiana, 1.

RankSchool (1st votes)Rec.Pts.Prev.Week 2Next Game
1South Dakota St. (26)2-06501D. No. 3 Montana St., 20-16Sept. 16 vs. Drake
2North Dakota St.2-06242D. Maine, 44-7Sept. 16 vs. Central Arkansas
3Montana St.1-15553Lost to No. 1 South Dakota St., 20-16Sept. 16 vs. Stetson
4William & Mary2-05454D. Wofford, 23-6Sept. 16 at Charleston Southern
5Holy Cross1-15235Lost to Boston College, 31-28Sept. 16 at Yale
6Sacramento St.2-05008D. Texas A&M-Commerce, 34-6Sept. 16 at Stanford
7Weber St.2-04869D. No. 20 Northern Iowa, 34-17Sept. 16 at Utah
8Furman1-14456Lost to South Carolina, 47-21Sept. 16 at Kennesaw St.
9UIW1-142410D. Northern Colorado, 42-7Sept. 16 at Abilene Christian
10Idaho2-039312D. Nevada, 33-6Sept. 16 at California
11t.Montana2-034313D. Utah Tech, 43-13Sept. 16 vs. Ferris St.
11t.New Hampshire1-134311Lost to Central Michigan, 45-42Sept. 16 vs. Dartmouth
13North Dakota2-032915D. Northern Arizona, 37-22Sept. 16 at Boise State
14Samford1-12897Lost to Western Carolina, 30-7Sept. 16 at Auburn
15Southeast Missouri St.1-128716D. Lindenwood, 45-7Sept. 16 vs. No. 18 Southern Illinois
16UC Davis1-124114Lost to Oregon St., 55-7Sept. 16 vs. Southern Utah
17North Carolina Central2-023918D. North Carolina A&T, 30-16Sept. 16 at UCLA
18Southern Illinois2-021423D. Northern Illinois, 14-11Sept. 16 at No. 15 Southeast Missouri St.
19Delaware1-116119Lost to Penn St., 63-7Sept. 16 vs. St. Francis (Pa.)
20Rhode Island1-115922D. Stony Brook, 35-14Sept. 16 at Maine
21Mercer2-111424D. Morehead St., 48-22Sept. 23 at No. 8 Furman
22t.Fordham2-197NRD. Buffalo, 40-37Sept. 23 vs. Stonehill
22t.Southeastern Louisiana0-29717Lost to South Alabama, 35-17Sept. 16 at Eastern Washington
24Florida A&M1-19121Lost to South Florida, 38-24Sept. 16 vs. West Florida
25Illinois St.2-050NRD. Western Illinois, 34-18Sept. 16 at Eastern Illinois

Dropped Out: Northern Iowa (20), Youngstown St. (25)

Others Receiving Votes: Northern Iowa, 45; Youngstown St., 39; Yale, 29; Gardner-Webb, 25; Central Arkansas, 17; Richmond, 17; Jackson St., 15; Murray St., 14; Harvard, 10; Eastern Kentucky, 9; Princeton, 9; Villanova, 5; Western Carolina, 5; St. Thomas (Minn.), 4; Stephen F. Austin, 3; Austin Peay, 2; Chattanooga, 1; Morgan St., 1; Tarleton, 1.`

RankSchool (1st votes)Rec.Pts.Prev.Week 1Next Game
1South Dakota St. (25)1-06251D. Western Oregon, 45-7Sept. 9 vs. No. 3 Montana St.
2North Dakota St.1-05992D. Eastern Washington, 35-10Sept. 9 vs. Maine
3Montana St.1-05733D. Utah Tech, 63-20Sept. 9 at No. 1 South Dakota St.
4William & Mary1-05244D. Campbell, 34-24Sept. 9 vs. Wofford
5Holy Cross1-05035D. Merrimack, 42-20Sept. 9 at Boston College
6Furman1-05006D. Tennessee Tech, 45-10Sept. 9 at South Carolina
7Samford1-04499D. Shorter, 69-14Sept. 9 at Western Carolina
8Sacramento St.1-04448D. Nicholls, 38-24Sept. 9 vs. Texas A&M-Commerce
9Weber St.1-038810D. Central Washington, 35-10Sept. 9 at No. 20 Northern Iowa
10UIW0-13767Lost to UTEP, 28-14Sept. 9 at Northern Colorado
11New Hampshire1-034612D. Stonehill, 51-17Sept. 9 at Central Michigan
12Idaho1-033413D. Lamar, 42-17Sept. 9 at Nevada
13Montana1-029314D. Butler, 35-20Sept. 9 at Utah Tech
14UC Davis1-028617D. Texas A&M-Commerce, 48-10Sept. 9 at Oregon St.
15North Dakota1-025818D. Drake, 55-7Sept. 9 vs. Northern Arizona
16Southeast Missouri St.0-123811Lost to Kansas St., 45-0Sept. 9 vs. Lindenwood
17Southeastern Louisiana0-122415Lost to Mississippi St., 48-7Sept. 9 at South Alabama
18North Carolina Central1-019119D. Winston-Salem St., 47-21Sept. 9 at North Carolina A&T
19Delaware1-018121D. Stony Brook, 37-13Sept. 9 at Penn St.
20Northern Iowa0-112720Lost to Iowa St., 30-9Sept. 9 vs. No. 9 Weber St.
21Florida A&M1-012425D. Jackson St., 28-10Sept. 9 at South Florida
22Rhode Island0-16523Lost to Georgia St., 42-35Sept. 8 vs. Stony Brook
23Southern Illinois1-064NRD. Austin Peay, 49-23Sept. 9 at Northern Illinois
24Mercer1-16222Lost to Mississippi, 73-7Sept. 9 vs. Morehead St.
25Youngstown St.1-058NRD. Valparaiso, 52-10Sept. 9 at Ohio St.

Dropped Out: Richmond (16), Gardner-Webb (24)

Others Receiving Votes: Richmond, 50; Fordham, 41; Gardner-Webb, 32; Yale, 30; Illinois St., 21; St. Thomas (Minn.), 19; Central Arkansas, 16; North Carolina A&T, 14; Eastern Kentucky, 12; Morgan St., 12; Northern Arizona, 12; Princeton, 11; Harvard, 7; Jackson St., 5; Elon, 4; Hampton, 4; Campbell, 1; Southern Utah, 1; Stephen F. Austin, 1.

RankSchool (1st votes)2022 Rec.Pts.2022 RankSeason OpenerHead Coach
1South Dakota St. (24)14-16241Aug. 31 vs. Western OregonJimmy Rogers
2North Dakota St. (1)12-35962Sept. 2 vs. Eastern WashingtonMatt Entz
3Montana St.12-25675Sept. 2 vs. Utah TechBrent Vigen
4William & Mary11-25108Aug. 31 at CampbellMike London
5Holy Cross12-14596Sept. 2 vs. MerrimackBob Chesney
6Furman10-343810Aug. 31 vs. Tennessee TechClay Hendrix
7UIW12-24243Sept. 2 at UTEPClint Killough
8Sacramento St.12-14214Aug. 31 at Nicholls St.Andy Thompson
9Samford11-24147Aug. 31 vs. ShorterChris Hatcher
10Weber St.10-33259Aug. 31 vs. Central WashingtonMickey Mental
11Southeast Missouri St.9-332213Sept. 2 at Kansas St. Tom Matukewicz
12New Hampshire9-430415Sept. 2 at StonehillRick Santos
13Idaho7-528822Aug. 31 at LamarJason Eck
14Montana8-528514Sept. 2 vs. ButlerBobby Hauck
15Southeastern Louisiana9-425919Sept. 2 at Mississippi St.Frank Scelfo
16Richmond9-423512Sept. 2 vs. Morgan St.Russ Huesman
17UC Davis6-5226NRAug. 31 at Texas A&M-CommerceDan Hawkins
18North Dakota7-5188NRSept. 2 vs. DrakeBubba Schweigert
19North Carolina Central10-213917Sept. 2 vs. Winston-Salem St.Trei Oliver
20Northern Iowa6-5137NRSept. 2 at Iowa St.Mark Farley
21Delaware8-512424tAug. 31 at Stony BrookRyan Carty
22Mercer7-412321Aug. 26 vs. North AlabamaDrew Cronic
23Rhode Island7-473NRAug. 31 at Georgia St.Jim Fleming
24Gardner-Webb7-672NRSept. 2 at Appalachian St. Tre Lamb
25Florida A&M9-27023Sept. 3 vs. Jackson St.Willie Simmons

Others Receiving Votes: Yale, 64; Eastern Kentucky, 59; Fordham, 58; Jackson St., 37; Elon, 30; St. Thomas (Minn.), 30; Youngstown St., 28; Princeton, 26; Southern Illinois, 26; UT Martin, 23; Central Arkansas, 22; Chattanooga, 13; North Carolina A&T, 13; Illinois St., 12; Northern Arizona, 12; Southern, 9; Davidson, 7; St. Francis (Pa.), 7; Tennessee Tech, 6; Howard, 5; Pennsylvania, 5; Abilene Christian, 4; Austin Peay, 3; Campbell, 2; Villanova, 1.


In response to overwhelming support by NCAA Division II coaches, the American Football Coaches Association began publishing a Division II Top 25 Coaches’ Poll in 2000. Prior to 2000, there was no coaches’ polls for NCAA Division II. The regional poll had been used to rank teams for consideration for the NCAA playoffs.


The Division II poll follows the same basic format as the Amway Coaches Poll. The Division II Board of Coaches will have 30 voters representing all Division II conferences, as well as independent schools. The Division II Coaches’ Poll will be released on Mondays beginning with a preseason poll in August and will run through the final week of the regular season in November. A final poll will be released the Monday following the NCAA Division II championship game.

RankSchool (1st votes)Rec.Pts.Prev.PostseasonHead Coach
1Harding (Ark.) (28)15-07003D. No. 1 Colorado Mines, 38-7, in national championshipPaul Simmons
2Colorado School of Mines14-16721Lost to No. 3 Harding (Ark.), 38-7, in national championshipPete Sterbick
3Grand Valley St. (Mich.)11-26122Lost to No. 3 Harding (Ark.), 7-6, in quarterfinalsScott Wooster
4Lenoir-Rhyne (N.C.)13-257111Lost to No. 3 Harding (Ark.), 55-14, in semifinalsMike Jacobs
5Pittsburg St. (Kan.)11-25257Lost to No. 2 Grand Valley St. (Mich.), 24-21, in second roundBrian Wright
6Central Missouri11-25236Lost to No. 3 Harding (Ark.), 35-34, in second roundJosh Lamberson
7Kutztown (Pa.)12-3506NRLost to No. 1 Colorado School of Mines, 35-7, in semifinalsJim Clements
8Valdosta St. (Ga.)12-246414Lost to No. 11 Lenoir-Rhyne (N.C.), 35-7, in quarterfinalsTremaine Jackson
9Ferris St. (Mich.)8-34365Lost to No. 2 Grand Valley St. (Mich.), 21-14, in first roundTony Annese
10Slippery Rock (Pa.)12-243115Lost to Kutztown (Pa.), 28-16, in quarterfinalsShawn Lutz
11Delta St. (Miss.)10-24078Lost to No. 14 Valdosta St. (Ga.), 38-31, in second roundTodd Cooley
12Benedict (S.C.)11-14044Lost to No. 11 Lenoir-Rhyne (N.C.), 35-25, in second roundChennis Berry
13Augustana (S.D.)11-230716Lost to No. 1 Colorado School of Mines, 56-10, in second roundJerry Olszewski
14Tiffin (Ohio)11-13029Lost to No. 15 Slippery Rock (Pa.), 45-35, in second roundCris Reisert
15Western Colorado10-226610Lost to Central Washington, 16-13 OT, in first roundJas Bains
16Bemidji St. (Minn.)9-326421Lost to Central Washington, 21-17, in second roundBrent Bolte
17Central Washington9-4262NRLost to No. 1 Colorado School of Mines, 38-14, in quarterfinalsChris Fisk
18Texas-Permian Basin10-221312Lost to No. 21 Bemidji St. (Minn.), 10-3, in first roundKris McCullough
19Charleston (W.Va.)10-217924Lost to Kutztown (Pa.), 32-31, in second roundQuinn Sanders
20Virginia Union10-216113Lost to Kutztown (Pa.), 38-14, in first roundAlvin Parker
21Minnesota St. 9-314719Lost to No. 16 Augustana (S.D.), 51-24, in first roundTodd Hoffner
22Indianapolis (Ind.)9-214117tLost to No. 7 Pittsburg St. (Kan.), 35-14, in first roundChris Keevers
23West Florida8-411323Lost to No. 8 Delta St. (Miss.), 49-14, in first roundKaleb Nobles
24Henderson St. (Ark.)9-38025Lost to No. 6 Central Missouri, 56-14, in first roundScott Maxfield
25Minnesota-Duluth9-26917tDNQ PlayoffsCurt Wiese

Dropped Out: Ouachita Baptist (Ark.) (20), Davenport (Mich.) (22)

Others Receiving Votes: Davenport (Mich.), 58; Ouachita Baptist (Ark.), 51; Shepherd (W.Va.), 38; Southern Arkansas, 37; New Haven (Conn.), 25; Emporia St. (Kan.), 23; Limestone (S.C.), 18; Missouri Western St., 16; Southern Nazarene (Okla.), 15; Ashland (Ohio), 14; McKendree (Ill.), 13; Colorado St.-Pueblo, 12; Angelo St. (Tex.), 11; Virginia St., 11; East Stroudsburg (Pa.), 2; Frostburg St. (Md.), 1.

RankSchool (1st votes)Rec.Pts.Prev.Week 11Next Game
1Colorado School of Mines (27)11-07231D. Fort Lewis (Colo.), 82-0Nov. 25 TBD
2Grand Valley St. (Mich.)9-16792tD. No. 16 Davenport (Mich.), 38-0Nov. 18 vs. No. 5 Ferris St. (Mich.)
3Harding (Ark.) (1)11-06682tD. Arkansas Tech, 56-0Nov. 25 TBD
4Benedict (S.C.) (1)11-06295D. Albany St. (Ga.), 47-10Nov. 25 TBD
5Ferris St. (Mich.)8-25876D. Wayne St. (Mich.), 63-19Nov. 18 at No. 2 Grand Valley St. (Mich.)
6Central Missouri10-15727D. Lincoln (Mo.), 63-27Nov. 18 vs. No. 25 Henderson St. (Ark.)
7Pittsburg St. (Kan.)10-15568D. Central Oklahoma, 20-10Nov. 18 vs. No. 17t Indianapolis (Ind.)
8Delta St. (Miss.)9-151111D. Mississippi College, 41-3Nov. 18 vs. No. 23 West Florida
9Tiffin (Ohio)11-045614D. Findlay (Ohio), 26-7Nov. 25 TBD
10Western Colorado10-145213D. Adams St. (Colo.), 45-24Nov. 18 vs. Central Washington
11Lenoir-Rhyne (N.C.)10-140315D. Tusculum (Tenn.), 48-7Nov. 18 vs. Shepherd (W.Va.)
12Texas-Permian Basin10-138817D. No. 23 Central Washington, 42-14Nov. 18 vs. No. 21 Bemidji St. (Minn.)
13Virginia Union10-135618D. Fayetteville St. (N.C.), 21-10Nov. 18 at Kutztown (Pa.)
14Valdosta St. (Ga.)10-134919D. West Georgia, 58-28Nov. 18 vs. Limestone (S.C)
15Slippery Rock (Pa.)10-13474Lost to Kutztown (Pa.), 31-7Nov. 18 vs. East Stroudsburg (Pa.)
16Augustana (S.D.)10-130120D. No. 12 Bemidji St. (Minn.), 38-19Nov. 18 vs. No. 19 Minnesota St.
17t.Indianapolis (Ind.)9-120422D. Southwest Baptist (Mo.), 41-3Nov. 18 at No. 7 Pittsburg St. (Kan.)
17t.Minnesota-Duluth9-220424D. No. 9 Minnesota St., 33-21Season Complete
19Minnesota St. 9-21889Lost to No. 24 Minnesota-Duluth, 33-21Nov. 18 at No. 16 Augustana (S.D.)
20Ouachita Baptist (Ark.)9-215310Lost to Henderson St. (Ark.), 31-27Season Complete
21Bemidji St. (Minn.)8-214312Lost to No. 20 Augustana (S.D.), 38-19Nov. 18 at No. 12 Texas-Permian Basin
22Davenport (Mich.)8-29316Lost to No. 2t Grand Valley St. (Mich.), 38-0Season Complete
23West Florida8-39225D. Chowan (N.C.), 52-6Nov. 18 at No. 8 Delta St. (Miss.)
24Charleston (W.Va.)9-187NRD. West Virginia St., 52-20Nov. 18 vs. New Haven (Conn.)
25Henderson St. (Ark.)9-286NRD. No. 10 Ouachita Baptist (Ark.), 31-27Nov. 18 at No. 6 Central Missouri

Dropped Out: Missouri Western St. (21), Central Washington (23)

Others Receiving Votes: Kutztown (Pa.), 46; Shepherd (W.Va.), 34; Missouri Western St., 20; Southern Arkansas, 19; Limestone (S.C.), 16; Central Washington, 14; Angelo St. (Tex.), 12; Colorado St.-Pueblo, 11; Emporia St. (Kan.), 8; Mars Hill (N.C.), 4; Truman St. (Mo.), 4; Virginia St., 4; New Haven (Conn.), 3; East Stroudsburg (Pa.), 2; Fayetteville St. (N.C.), 1.

RankSchool (1st votes)Rec.Pts.Prev.Week 10Next Game
1Colorado School of Mines (26)10-07291D. New Mexico Highlands, 77-3Nov. 11 at Fort Lewis (Colo.)
2t.Grand Valley St. (Mich.)8-16653D. Wayne St. (Mich.), 66-10Nov. 11 vs. No. 16 Davenport (Mich.)
2t.Harding (Ark.) (1)10-06654D. East Central (Okla.), 48-7Nov. 11 at Arkansas Tech
4Slippery Rock (Pa.) (1)10-05985D. Edinboro (Pa.), 56-18Nov. 11 at Kutztown (Pa.)
5Benedict (S.C.)10-05916D. Allen (S.C.), 37-9Nov. 11 vs. Albany St. (Ga.)
6Ferris St. (Mich.)7-25627D. No. 9 Davenport (Mich.), 28-10Nov. 11 vs. Wayne St. (Mich.)
7Central Missouri9-151411D. Fort Hays St. (Kan.), 47-28Nov. 11 at Lincoln (Mo.)
8Pittsburg St. (Kan.)9-15132Lost to No. 23 Missouri Western St., 31-30Nov. 11 vs. Central Oklahoma
9Minnesota St. 9-150910D. Winona St. (Minn.), 49-42Nov. 11 vs. No. 24 Minnesota-Duluth
10Ouachita Baptist (Ark.)9-144012D. Oklahoma Baptist, 55-14Nov. 11 vs. Henderson St. (Ark.)
11Delta St. (Miss.)8-142614D. West Georgia, 47-13Nov. 11 vs. Mississippi College
12Bemidji St. (Minn.)8-141513D. Minnesota St.-Moorhead, 27-14Nov. 11 at No. 20 Augustana (S.D.)
13Western Colorado9-135315D. Fort Lewis (Colo.), 57-3Nov. 11 at Adams St. (Colo.)
14Tiffin (Ohio)10-032517D. Ohio Dominican, 44-10Nov. 11 at Findlay (Ohio)
15Lenoir-Rhyne (N.C.)9-129416D. Catawba (N.C.), 28-7Nov. 11 at Tusculum (Tenn.)
16Davenport (Mich.)8-12879Lost to No. 7 Ferris St. (Mich.), 28-10Nov. 11 at No. 2t Grand Valley St. (Mich.)
17Texas-Permian Basin9-127818D. Western New Mexico, 56-3Nov. 11 vs. No. 23 Central Washington
18Virginia Union (1)9-124319D. No. 22 Virginia St., 30-20Nov. 11 vs. Fayetteville St. (N.C.)
19Valdosta St. (Ga.)9-123020D. West Alabama, 20-14Nov. 11 vs. West Georgia
20Augustana (S.D.)9-117721D. Northern St. (S.D.), 31-21Nov. 11 vs. No. 12 Bemidji St. (Minn.)
21Missouri Western St.8-217623D. No. 2 Pittsburg St. (Kan.), 31-30Nov. 11 at Missouri Southern St.
22Indianapolis (Ind.)8-11758Lost to McKendree (Ill.), 21-16Nov. 11 at Southwest Baptist (Mo.)
23Central Washington7-210624IdleNov. 11 at No. 17 Texas-Permian Basin
24Minnesota-Duluth8-226NRD. Concordia (Minn.), 44-32Nov. 11 at No. 9 Minnesota St.
25West Florida7-325NRD. Mississippi College, 42-14Nov. 11 vs. Chowan (N.C.)

Dropped Out: Virginia St. (22), Mars Hill (N.C.) (25)

Others Receiving Votes: Charleston (W.Va.), 21; Shepherd (W.Va.), 19; Virginia St., 18; Southern Arkansas, 10; Angelo St. (Tex.), 9; Henderson St. (Ark.), 9; Fairmont St. (W.Va.), 5; Mars Hill (N.C.), 5; Colorado St.-Pueblo, 4; Fort Hays St. (Kan.), 3; Kutztown (Pa.), 3; Truman St. (Mo.), 3; Emporia St. (Kan.), 1; New Haven (Conn.), 1.

RankSchool (1st votes)Rec.Pts.Prev.Week 9Next Game
1Colorado School of Mines (26)9-07201D. No. 9 Western Colorado, 42-7Nov. 4 vs. New Mexico Highlands
2Pittsburg St. (Kan.) (1)9-06942D. Sioux Falls (S.D.), 55-6Nov. 4 at No. 23 Missouri Western St.
3Grand Valley St. (Mich.) (1)7-16623D. Michigan Tech, 44-13Nov. 4 at Wayne St. (Mich.)
4Harding (Ark.)9-06374D. Southeastern Oklahoma St., 55-0Nov. 4 vs. East Central (Okla.)
5Slippery Rock (Pa.) (1)9-05826D. Clarion (Pa.), 42-14Nov. 4 at Edinboro (Pa.)
6Benedict (S.C.)9-05735D. Savannah St., 38-17Nov. 4 vs. Allen (S.C.)
7Ferris St. (Mich.)6-25348D. American International (Mass.), 56-0Nov. 4 at No. 9 Davenport (Mich.)
8Indianapolis (Ind.)8-050310D. Upper Iowa, 35-7Nov. 4 vs. McKendree (Ill.)
9Davenport (Mich.)8-048411D. Saginaw Valley St. (Mich.), 24-21Nov. 4 vs. No. 7 Ferris St. (Mich.)
10Minnesota St. 8-143713D. Southwest Minnesota St., 30-12Nov. 4 at Winona St. (Minn.)
11Central Missouri8-140615D. Missouri Southern St., 42-21Nov. 4 vs. Fort Hays St. (Kan.)
12Ouachita Baptist (Ark.)8-139914D. Southern Nazarene (Okla.), 49-28Nov. 4 vs. Oklahoma Baptist
13Bemidji St. (Minn.)7-135316tD. No. 25 Minnesota-Duluth, 38-31Nov. 4 vs. Minnesota St.-Moorhead
14Delta St. (Miss.)7-132216tIdleNov. 4 at West Georgia
15Western Colorado8-13219Lost to No. 1 Colorado School of Mines, 42-7Nov. 4 vs. Fort Lewis (Colo.)
16Lenoir-Rhyne (N.C.)8-12917Lost to Wingate (N.C.), 34-30Nov. 4 vs. Catawba (N.C.)
17Tiffin (Ohio)9-028219D. Walsh (Ohio), 40-13Nov. 4 at Ohio Dominican
18Texas-Permian Basin8-122822D. Western Oregon, 28-16Nov. 4 at Western New Mexico
19Virginia Union8-121023D. Bluefield St. (W.Va.), 57-12Nov. 4 vs. No. 22 Virginia St.
20Valdosta St. (Ga.)8-120724D. No. 18 West Florida, 31-28Nov. 4 at West Alabama
21Augustana (S.D.)8-118312Lost to Wayne St. (Neb.), 14-12Nov. 4 at Northern St. (S.D.)
22Virginia St.8-186NRD. Lincoln (Pa.), 75-25Nov. 4 at No. 19 Virginia Union
23Missouri Western St.7-269NRD. Northeastern St. (Okla.), 44-0Nov. 4 vs. No. 2 Pittsburg St. (Kan.)
24Central Washington7-254NRD. Texas A&M-Kingsville, 21-17Nov. 11 at No. 18 Texas-Permian Basin
25Mars Hill (N.C.)7-143NRD. Virginia-Wise, 49-24Nov. 4 at Tusculum (Tenn.)

Dropped Out: West Florida (18), Shepherd (W.Va.) (20), Truman St. (Mo.) (21), Minnesota-Duluth (25)

Others Receiving Votes: West Florida, 33; Fort Hays St. (Kan.), 30; Minnesota-Duluth, 24; Shepherd (W.Va.), 19; Henderson St. (Ark.), 10; Colorado St.-Pueblo, 8; Angelo St. (Tex.), 7; Southern Arkansas, 5; Truman St. (Mo.), 4; Charleston (W.Va.), 2; Fairmont St. (W.Va.), 2; New Haven (Conn.), 1.

RankSchool (1st votes)Rec.Pts.Prev.Week 8Next Game
1Colorado School of Mines (28)8-07241D. Black Hills St. (S.D.), 42-17Oct. 28 vs. No. 9 Western Colorado
2Pittsburg St. (Kan.)8-06932D. Northwest Missouri St., 28-7Oct. 28 vs. Sioux Falls (S.D.)
3Grand Valley St. (Mich.)6-16524D. Northern Michigan, 73-14Oct. 28 vs. Michigan Tech
4Harding (Ark.)8-06356D. Southern Arkansas, 54-20Oct. 28 at Southeastern Oklahoma St.
5Benedict (S.C.)8-05678D. Kentucky St., 63-14Oct. 28 at Savannah St.
6Slippery Rock (Pa.) (1)8-05527D. California (Pa.), 42-21Oct. 28 vs. Clarion (Pa.)
7Lenoir-Rhyne (N.C.)8-052010D. Newberry (S.C.), 24-10Oct. 28 vs. Wingate (N.C.)
8Ferris St. (Mich.)5-25059D. Michigan Tech, 35-21Oct. 28 vs. American International (Mass.)
9Western Colorado8-047512D. New Mexico Highlands, 62-0Oct. 28 at No. 1 Colorado School of Mines
10Indianapolis (Ind.)7-045911D. Quincy (Ill.), 24-14Oct. 28 vs. Upper Iowa
11Davenport (Mich.)7-040813D. Mary (N.D.), 44-34Oct. 28 vs. Saginaw Valley St. (Mich.)
12Augustana (S.D.)8-039717D. No. 3 Minnesota St., 28-10Oct. 28 at Wayne St. (Neb.)
13Minnesota St. 7-13333Lost to No. 17 Augustana (S.D.), 28-10Oct. 28 vs. Southwest Minnesota St.
14Ouachita Baptist (Ark.)7-132914D. Arkansas Tech, 31-24Oct. 26 at Southern Nazarene (Okla.)
15Central Missouri7-132116D. No. 24 Emporia St. (Kan.), 77-27Oct. 28 at Missouri Southern St.
16t. Bemidji St. (Minn.)6-129515D. Concordia (Minn.), 38-3Oct. 28 at No. 25 Minnesota-Duluth
16t.Delta St. (Miss.)7-12955Lost to No. 18 West Florida, 24-21Nov. 4 at West Georgia
18West Florida6-229218D. No. 5 Delta St. (Miss.), 24-21Oct. 28 vs. No. 24 Valdosta St. (Ga.)
19Tiffin (Ohio)8-019623D. Kentucky Wesleyan, 37-12Oct. 28 vs. Walsh (Ohio)
20Shepherd (W.Va.)7-119222D. West Chester (Pa.), 59-21Oct. 28 at Bloomsburg (Pa.)
21Truman St. (Mo.)7-113325D. William Jewell (Mo.), 31-10Oct. 28 at Southwest Baptist (Mo.)
22Texas-Permian Basin7-1115NRD. No. 19 Angelo St. (Tex.), 28-23Oct. 28 vs. Western Oregon
23Virginia Union7-1113NRD. Lincoln (Pa.), 57-0Oct. 28 at Bluefield St. (W.Va.)
24Valdosta St. (Ga.)7-181NRD. Shorter (Ga.), 42-14Oct. 28 at No. 18 West Florida
25Minnesota-Duluth7-156NRD. Minot St. (N.D.), 42-7Oct. 28 vs. No. 16t Bemidji St. (Minn.)

Dropped Out: Angelo St. (Tex.) (19), Virginia St. (20), Assumption (Mass.) (21), Emporia St. (Kan.) (24)

Others Receiving Votes: Virginia St., 28; Missouri Western St., 20; Central Washington, 11; Fort Hays St. (Kan.), 10; Assumption (Mass.), 9; Henderson St. (Ark.), 4; Mars Hill (N.C.), 2; Angelo St. (Tex.), 1; Colorado St.-Pueblo, 1; Southern Arkansas, 1.

RankSchool (1st votes)Rec.Pts.Prev.Week 7Next Game
1Colorado School of Mines (28)7-07232D. South Dakota Mines, 45-22Oct. 21 at Black Hills St. (S.D.)
2Pittsburg St. (Kan.)7-06913D. Missouri Southern St., 31-21Oct. 21 at Northwest Missouri St.
3Minnesota St. 7-06554D. Western Oregon, 45-14Oct. 21 at No. 17 Augustana (S.D.)
4Grand Valley St. (Mich.)5-16187D. No. 1 Ferris St. (Mich.), 49-28Oct. 21 at Northern Michigan
5Delta St. (Miss.)7-05978D. North Greenville (S.C.), 49-27Oct. 21 vs. No. 18 West Florida
6Harding (Ark.)7-05779D. No. 5 Ouachita Baptist (Ark.), 41-10Oct. 21 at Southern Arkansas
7Slippery Rock (Pa.)7-051910D. Gannon (Pa.), 49-24Oct. 21 vs. California (Pa.)
8Benedict (S.C.)7-049711D. Fort Valley St. (Ga.), 48-6Oct. 21 vs. Kentucky St.
9Ferris St. (Mich.)4-24861Lost to No. 7 Grand Valley St. (Mich.), 49-28Oct. 21 at Michigan Tech
10Lenoir-Rhyne (N.C.)7-045112D. Barton (N.C.), 47-3Oct. 21 at Newberry (S.C.)
11Indianapolis (Ind.)6-042713D. No. 19 Truman St. (Mo.), 38-17Oct. 21 at Quincy (Ill.)
12Western Colorado7-039614D. Black Hills St. (S.D.), 35-20Oct. 21 vs. New Mexico Highlands
13Davenport (Mich.)6-033816D. Wayne St. (Mich.), 32-3Oct. 21 at Mary (N.D.)
14Ouachita Baptist (Ark.)6-13295Lost to No. 9 Harding (Ark.), 41-10Oct. 21 vs. Arkansas Tech
15Bemidji St. (Minn.)5-132515D. Wayne St. (Neb.), 33-23Oct. 21 vs. Concordia (Minn.)
16Central Missouri6-129817D. Northeastern St. (Okla.), 63-24Oct. 21 vs. No. 24 Emporia St. (Kan.)
17Augustana (S.D.)7-022222D. Winona St. (Minn.), 48-28Oct. 21 vs. No. 3 Minnesota St.
18West Florida5-22216Lost to West Alabama, 10-6Oct. 21 at No. 5 Delta St. (Miss.)
19Angelo St. (Tex.)4-218220D. Texas A&M-Kingsville, 38-16Oct. 21 vs. Texas-Permian Basin
20Virginia St. (1)7-017324D. Bluefield St. (W.Va.), 39-23Oct. 21 vs. Elizabeth City St. (N.C.)
21Assumption (Mass.)5-115121D. Franklin Pierce (N.H.), 21-17Oct. 21 vs. St. Anselm (N.H.)
22Shepherd (W.Va.)6-113123D. Millersville (Pa.), 33-17Oct. 21 vs. West Chester (Pa.)
23Tiffin (Ohio)7-097NRD. Lake Erie (Ohio), 50-0Oct. 21 vs. Kentucky Wesleyan
24Emporia St. (Kan.)5-27025D. Washburn (Kan.), 38-23Oct. 21 at No. 16 Central Missouri
25Truman St. (Mo.)6-16219Lost to No. 13 Indianapolis (Ind.), 38-17Oct. 21 vs. William Jewell (Mo.)

Dropped Out: Henderson St. (Ark.) (18)

Others Receiving Votes: Virginia Union, 45; Valdosta St. (Ga.), 42; Texas-Permian Basin, 27; Charleston (W.Va.), 21; Minnesota-Duluth, 15; Henderson St. (Ark.), 13; Southern Arkansas, 12; Missouri Western St., 10; Central Washington, 4.

RankSchool (1st votes)Rec.Pts.Prev.Week 6Next Game
1Ferris St. (Mich.) (27)4-17471D. Saginaw Valley St. (Mich.), 38-17Oct. 14 at No. 7 Grand Valley St. (Mich.)
2Colorado School of Mines (3)6-07202D. Colorado Mesa, 52-0Oct. 14 vs. South Dakota Mines
3Pittsburg St. (Kan.)6-06673D. No. 20 Emporia St. (Kan.), 33-25Oct. 14 at Missouri Southern St.
4Minnesota St. 6-06394D. Minnesota St.-Moorhead, 24-21Oct. 14 vs. Western Oregon
5Ouachita Baptist (Ark.)6-06225D. East Central (Okla.), 31-14Oct. 14 at No. 9 Harding (Ark.)
6West Florida5-15836D. Shorter (Ga.), 42-3Oct. 14 at West Alabama
7Grand Valley St. (Mich.)4-15667D. Kentucky St., 65-7Oct. 14 vs. No. 1 Ferris St. (Mich.)
8Delta St. (Miss.)6-05568D. No. 19 Valdosta St. (Ga.), 49-25Oct. 14 vs. North Greenville (S.C.)
9Harding (Ark.)6-05259D. Northwestern Oklahoma, 62-0Oct. 14 vs. No. 5 Ouachita Baptist (Ark.)
10Slippery Rock (Pa.)6-047610D. Mercyhurst (Pa.), 75-31Oct. 14 at Gannon (Pa.)
11Benedict (S.C.) (1)6-042011D. Miles (Ala.), 27-24Oct. 12 vs. Fort Valley St. (Ga.)
12Lenoir-Rhyne (N.C.)6-038413D. Limestone (S.C.), 31-28 OTOct. 14 vs. Barton (N.C.)
13Indianapolis (Ind.)5-037312D. William Jewell (Mo.), 59-17Oct. 14 at No. 19 Truman St. (Mo.)
14Western Colorado6-035815D. South Dakota Mines, 43-20Oct. 14 vs. Black Hills St. (S.D.)
15Bemidji St. (Minn.)4-132914IdleOct. 14 at Wayne St. (Neb.)
16Davenport (Mich.)5-030516D. Northern Michigan, 28-12Oct. 14 at Wayne St. (Mich.)
17Central Missouri5-126618D. Nebraska-Kearney, 38-14Oct. 14 at Northeastern St. (Okla.)
18Henderson St. (Ark.)5-118022D. Southern Nazarene (Okla.), 42-28Oct. 14 vs. Southern Arkansas
19Truman St. (Mo.)6-016324D. Quincy (Ill.), 33-27Oct. 14 vs. No. 13 Indianapolis (Ind.)
20Angelo St. (Tex.)3-212721IdleOct. 14 at Texas A&M-Kingsville
21Assumption (Mass.)4-110923D. American International (Mass.), 38-14Oct. 14 at Franklin Pierce (N.H.)
22Augustana (S.D.)6-0103NRD. Southwest Minnesota St., 38-6Oct. 14 at Winona St. (Minn.)
23Shepherd (W.Va.)5-19825D. Lock Haven (Pa.), 27-10Oct. 14 at Millersville (Pa.)
24Virginia St.6-083NRD. Bowie St. (Md.), 44-16Oct. 14 vs. Bluefield St. (W.Va.)
25Emporia St. (Kan.)4-27920Lost to No. 3 Pittsburg St. (Kan.), 33-25Oct. 14 vs. Washburn (Kan.)

Dropped Out: Minnesota-Duluth (17), Valdosta St. (Ga.) (19)

Others Receiving Votes: Valdosta St. (Ga.), 51; Tiffin (Ohio), 46; Virginia Union, 40; Missouri Western St., 33; Minnesota-Duluth, 30; Texas A&M-Kingsville, 24; Texas-Permian Basin, 20; Charleston (W.Va.), 18; Tuskegee (Ala.), 6; Central Washington, 2; Barton (N.C.), 1; Southern Arkansas, 1.

RankSchool (1st votes)Rec.Pts.Prev.Week 5Next Game
1Ferris St. (Mich.) (26)3-17451D. Northern Michigan, 78-3Oct. 7 vs. Saginaw Valley St. (Mich.)
2Colorado School of Mines (3)5-07212D. Chadron St. (Neb.), 35-7Oct. 7 at Colorado Mesa
3Pittsburg St. (Kan.)5-06883D. Northeastern St. (Okla.), 42-7Oct. 7 vs. No. 20 Emporia St. (Kan.)
4Minnesota St. 5-06334D. No. 9 Bemidji St. (Minn.), 27-24Oct. 7 vs. Minnesota St.-Moorhead
5Ouachita Baptist (Ark.)5-06105D. Southeastern Oklahoma St., 34-7Oct. 7 at East Central (Okla.)
6West Florida4-15906D. North Greenville (S.C.), 48-24Oct. 7 vs. Shorter (Ga.)
7Grand Valley St. (Mich.)3-15797D. Saginaw Valley St. (Mich.), 55-14Oct. 7 vs. Kentucky St.
8Delta St. (Miss.)5-05488D. West Alabama, 47-17Oct. 7 at No. 19 Valdosta St. (Ga.)
9Harding (Ark.)5-050110D. Southwestern Oklahoma, 64-0Oct. 7 at Northwestern Oklahoma
10Slippery Rock (Pa.)5-046912D. Indiana (Pa.), 42-21Oct. 7 at Mercyhurst (Pa.)
11Benedict (S.C.) (1)5-041813D. Morehouse (Ga.), 27-3Oct. 7 at Miles (Ala.)
12Indianapolis (Ind.)4-039414D. Missouri S&T, 26-13Oct. 7 vs. William Jewell (Mo.)
13Lenoir-Rhyne (N.C.)5-035915D. Virginia-Wise, 56-3Oct. 7 at Limestone (S.C.)
14Bemidji St. (Minn.)4-13529Lost to No. 4 Minnesota St., 27-24Oct. 14 at Wayne St. (Neb.)
15Western Colorado5-034417D. Colorado Mesa, 43-7Oct. 7 at South Dakota Mines
16Davenport (Mich.)4-027518D. Michigan Tech, 28-0Oct. 7 vs. Northern Michigan
17Minnesota-Duluth5-027219D. Winona St. (Minn.), 38-14Oct. 7 at Wayne St. (Neb.)
18Central Missouri4-120821D. Northwest Missouri St., 41-38Oct. 7 vs. Nebraska-Kearney
19Valdosta St. (Ga.)5-018622D. Chowan (N.C.), 51-36Oct. 7 vs. No. 8 Delta St. (Miss.)
20Emporia St. (Kan.)4-115611Lost to Missouri Western St., 34-31Oct. 7 at No. 3 Pittsburg St. (Kan.)
21Angelo St. (Tex.)3-213120D. Eastern New Mexico, 23-14Oct. 14 at Texas A&M-Kingsville
22Henderson St. (Ark.)4-19024D. Oklahoma Baptist, 27-14Oct. 7 vs. Southern Nazarene (Okla.)
23Assumption (Mass.)3-18023D. Pace (N.Y.), 36-22Oct. 7 vs. American International (Mass.)
24Truman St. (Mo.)5-075NRD. McKendree (Ill.), 56-24Oct. 7 vs. Quincy (Ill.)
25Shepherd (W.Va.)4-15425D. Shippensburg (Pa.), 30-23Oct. 7 at Lock Haven (Pa.)

Dropped Out: Texas A&M-Kingsville (16)

Others Receiving Votes: Augustana (S.D.), 51; Virginia St., 47; Texas A&M-Kingsville, 45; Virginia Union, 35; Tiffin (Ohio), 31; Missouri Western St., 28; Texas-Permian Basin, 18; Barton (N.C.), 6; Limestone (S.C.), 6; Charleston (W.Va.), 3; Central Washington, 2.

RankSchool (1st votes)Rec.Pts.Prev.Week 4Next Game
1Ferris St. (Mich.) (23)2-17151IdleSept. 30 vs. Northern Michigan
2Colorado School of Mines (6)4-07022D. Colorado St.-Pueblo, 55-14Sept. 30 vs. Chadron St. (Neb.)
3Pittsburg St. (Kan.)4-06673D. Nebraska-Kearney, 33-14Sept. 30 at Northeastern St. (Okla.)
4Minnesota St. 4-06145D. Concordia-St. Paul (Minn.), 42-10Sept. 30 at No. 9 Bemidji St. (Minn.)
5Ouachita Baptist (Ark.)4-06124D. Arkansas-Monticello, 45-25Sept. 30 vs. Southeastern Oklahoma St.
6West Florida3-15597D. West Georgia, 49-21Sept. 30 at North Greenville (S.C.)
7Grand Valley St. (Mich.)2-15576IdleSept. 30 at Saginaw Valley St. (Mich.)
8Delta St. (Miss.)4-05268D. Shorter (Ga.), 56-20Sept. 30 at West Alabama
9Bemidji St. (Minn.)4-04949D. Mary (N.D.), 41-10Sept. 30 vs. No. 4 Minnesota St.
10Harding (Ark.)4-046810D. No. 20 Henderson St. (Ark.), 27-16Sept. 30 vs. Southwestern Oklahoma St.
11Emporia St. (Kan.)4-044411D. Central Oklahoma, 38-27Sept. 30 at Missouri Western St.
12Slippery Rock (Pa.)4-040812D. Seton Hill (Pa.), 35-14Sept. 30 vs. Indiana (Pa.)
13Benedict (S.C.)4-036714D. Chowan (N.C.), 31-3Sept. 30 vs. Morehouse (Ga.)
14Indianapolis (Ind.)3-033116D. Saginaw Valley St. (Mich.), 35-10Sept. 30 at Missouri S&T
15Lenoir-Rhyne (N.C.)4-029917D. Carson-Newman (Tenn.), 24-7Sept. 30 vs. Virginia-Wise
16Texas A&M-Kingsville3-029018IdleSept. 30 at Texas-Permian Basin
17Western Colorado4-027719D. Chadron St. (Neb.), 35-17Sept. 30 vs. Colorado Mesa
18Davenport (Mich.)3-020121D. William Jewell (Mo.), 55-27Sept. 30 at Michigan Tech
19Minnesota-Duluth4-016623D. Southwest Minnesota St., 33-0Sept. 30 vs. Winona St. (Minn.)
20Angelo St. (Tex.)2-214322D. Western New Mexico, 62-9Sept. 30 at Eastern New Mexico
21Central Missouri3-111325D. Washburn (Kan.), 58-28Sept. 30 vs. Northwest Missouri St.
22Valdosta St. (Ga.)4-083NRD. North Greenville (S.C.), 28-3Sept. 30 at Chowan (N.C.)
23Assumption (Mass.)2-16824IdleSept. 30 vs. Pace (N.Y.)
24Henderson St. (Ark.)3-15320Lost to No. 10 Harding (Ark.), 27-16Sept. 30 at Oklahoma Baptist
25Shepherd (W.Va.)3-15213Lost to Kutztown (Pa.), 20-3Sept. 30 vs. Shippensburg (Pa.)

Dropped Out: Virginia Union (15)

Others Receiving Votes: Truman St. (Mo.), 46; Virginia Union, 45; Augustana (S.D.), 33; Tuskegee (Ala.), 25; Tiffin (Ohio), 23; Black Hills St. (S.D.), 11; Virginia St., 10; Indiana (Pa.), 8; Mars Hill (N.C.), 4; Central Washington, 3; East Stroudsburg (Pa.), 3; Missouri Western St., 3; Bowie St. (Md.), 2.

RankSchool (1st votes)Rec.Pts.Prev.Week 3Next Game
1Ferris St. (Mich.) (23)2-17401Lost to Montana, 17-10Sept. 30 vs. Northern Michigan
2Colorado School of Mines (7)3-07262D. Adams St. (Colo.), 70-7Sept. 23 at Colorado St.-Pueblo
3Pittsburg St. (Kan.)3-06873D. Central Missouri, 38-37Sept. 23 vs. Nebraska-Kearney
4Ouachita Baptist (Ark.)3-06225D. Southern Arkansas, 52-24Sept. 23 at Arkansas-Monticello
5Minnesota St. 3-05906D. Minot St. (N.D.), 52-25Sept. 23 vs. Concordia-St. Paul (Minn.)
6Grand Valley St. (Mich.)2-15687D. No. 19 Assumption (Mass.), 43-7Sept. 30 at Saginaw Valley St. (Mich.)
7West Florida2-15644Lost to Florida A&M, 31-10Sept. 23 vs. West Georgia
8Delta St. (Miss.)3-05558D. Mississippi Valley St., 35-7Sept. 23 vs. Shorter (Ga.)
9Bemidji St. (Minn.)3-051010D. Winona St. (Minn.), 36-10Sept. 23 at Mary (N.D.)
10Harding (Ark.)3-047511D. Arkansas-Monticello, 59-19Sept. 23 at No. 20 Henderson St. (Ark.)
11Emporia St. (Kan.)3-045012D. Northeastern St. (Okla.), 38-0Sept. 23 vs. Central Oklahoma
12Slippery Rock (Pa.)3-040713D. Millersville (Pa.), 42-21Sept. 23 at Seton Hill (Pa.)
13Shepherd (W.Va.)3-036614D. California (Pa.), 44-34Sept. 23 vs. Kutztown (Pa.)
14Benedict (S.C.)3-035416D. Lane (Tenn.), 54-7Sept. 23 at Chowan (N.C.)
15Virginia Union3-030717D. Livingstone (N.C.), 28-20Sept. 23 vs. Fayetteville St. (N.C.)
16Indianapolis (Ind.)2-028018D. Wayne St. (Mich.), 28-7Sept. 23 at Saginaw Valley St. (Mich.)
17Lenoir-Rhyne (N.C.)3-025020D. Erskine (S.C.), 62-0Sept. 23 at Carson-Newman (Tenn.)
18Texas A&M-Kingsville3-024921D. Western New Mexico, 30-9Sept. 23 at Texas-Permian Basin
19Western Colorado3-019425D. No. 22 Colorado St.-Pueblo, 30-14Sept. 23 at Chadron St. (Neb.)
20Henderson St. (Ark.)3-017723D. Arkansas Tech, 27-24Sept. 23 vs. No. 10 Harding (Ark.)
21Davenport (Mich.)2-013424IdleSept. 23 vs. William Jewell (Mo.)
22Angelo St. (Tex.)1-21109Lost to Central Washington, 27-24Sept. 23 vs. Western New Mexico
23Minnesota-Duluth3-096NRD. Sioux Falls (S.D.), 42-34Sept. 23 at Southwest Minnesota St.
24Assumption (Mass.)2-16419Lost to No. 7 Grand Valley St. (Mich.), 43-7Sept. 30 vs. Pace (N.Y.)
25Central Missouri2-135NRLost to No. 3 Pittsburg St. (Kan.), 38-37Sept. 23 at Washburn (Kan.)

Dropped Out: Northwest Missouri St. (15), Colorado St.-Pueblo (22)

Others Receiving Votes: Valdosta St. (Ga.), 34; Tuskegee (Ala.), 33; Truman St. (Mo.), 32; Augustana (S.D.), 30; Virginia St., 28; Northwest Missouri St., 23; Indiana (Pa.), 17; West Georgia, 11; Tiffin (Ohio), 8; East Stroudsburg (Pa.), 5; Central Washington, 4; Colorado St.-Pueblo, 4; Mars Hill (N.C.), 4; Missouri Western St., 3; Ashland (Ohio), 2; Notre Dame (Ohio), 2.

RankSchool (1st votes)Rec.Pts.Prev.Week 2Next Game
1Ferris St. (Mich.) (27)2-07451D. No. 21 Ashland (Ohio), 38-28Sept. 16 at Montana
2Colorado School of Mines (2)2-07192D. No. 4 Angelo St. (Tex.), 31-21Sept. 16 vs. Adams St. (Colo.)
3Pittsburg St. (Kan.)2-06893D. Fort Hays St. (Kan.), 40-14Sept. 16 at Central Missouri
4West Florida2-06316D. McKendree (Ill.), 35-3Sept. 16 at Florida A&M
5Ouachita Baptist (Ark.)2-05728D. Northwestern Oklahoma St., 66-0Sept. 16 vs. Southern Arkansas
6Minnesota St. 2-05629D. Wayne St. (Neb.), 31-14Sept. 16 at Minot St. (N.D.)
7Grand Valley St. (Mich.)1-15577D. No. 25 Colorado St.-Pueblo, 57-49 2OTSept. 16 vs. No. 19Assumption (Mass.)
8Delta St. (Miss.)2-052210D. Chowan (N.C.), 42-18Sept. 16 vs. Mississippi Valley St.
9Angelo St. (Tex.)1-14934Lost to No. 2 Colorado School of Mines, 31-21Sept. 16 at Central Washington
10Bemidji St. (Minn.)2-047411D. Southwest Minnesota St., 34-14Sept. 16 vs. Winona St. (Minn.)
11Harding (Ark.)2-042812D. Oklahoma Baptist, 49-10Sept. 16 vs. Arkansas-Monticello
12Emporia St. (Kan.)2-040618D. No. 5 Northwest Missouri St., 33-13Sept. 16 at Northeastern St. (Okla.)
13Slippery Rock (Pa.)2-036015D. West Chester (Pa.), 49-24Sept. 16 vs. Millersville (Pa.)
14Shepherd (W.Va.)2-035814D. Edinboro (Pa.), 35-28Sept. 16 at California (Pa.)
15Northwest Missouri St.1-13525Lost to No. 18 Emporia St. (Kan.), 33-13Sept. 16 at Fort Hays St. (Kan.)
16Benedict (S.C.)2-032116D. Edward Waters (Fla.), 34-0Sept. 16 at Lane (Tenn.)
17Virginia Union (1)2-027717D. Shaw (N.C.), 26-13Sept. 16 at Livingstone (N.C.)
18Indianapolis (Ind.)1-021519IdleSept. 16 vs. Wayne St. (Mich.)
19Assumption (Mass.)2-018523D. Southern Connecticut St., 42-29Sept. 16 at No. 7 Grand Valley St. (Mich.)
20Lenoir-Rhyne (N.C.)2-017624D. Fayetteville St. (N.C.), 24-10Sept. 16 vs. Erskine (S.C.)
21Texas A&M-Kingsville2-099NRD. No. 20 West Georgia, 20-17Sept. 16 at Western New Mexico
22Colorado St.-Pueblo1-19125Lost to No. 7 Grand Valley (Mich.), 57-49 2OTSept. 16 vs. No. 25 Western Colo.
23Henderson St. (Ark.)2-079NRD. Southeastern Oklahoma St., 38-28Sept. 16 at Arkansas Tech
24Davenport (Mich.)2-063NRD. Bowie St. (Md.), 24-19Sept. 23 vs. William Jewell (Mo.)
25Western Colorado2-056NRD. Texas-Permian Basin, 35-27Sept. 16 at No. 22 Colorado St.-Pueblo

Dropped Out: Indiana (Pa.) (13), West Georgia (20), Ashland (Ohio) (21), Wingate (N.C.) (22)

Others Receiving Votes: Ashland (Ohio), 49; Indiana (Pa.), 47; Notre Dame (Ohio), 30; West Georgia, 27; Minnesota-Duluth, 26; Saginaw Valley St. (Mich.), 22; Tuskegee (Ala.), 16; Augustana (S.D.), 15; Central Missouri, 13; Tiffin (Ohio), 13; Truman St. (Mo.), 12; East Stroudsburg (Pa.), 9; Mars Hill (N.C.), 8; Millersville (Pa.), 8; Wingate (N.C.), 8; Bowie St. (Md.), 6; Valdosta St. (Ga.), 5; Newberry (S.C.), 4; Lincoln (Pa.), 1; Virginia St., 1.

RankSchool (1st votes)Rec.Pts.Prev.Season OpenerNext Game
1Ferris St. (Mich.) (27)1-07211D. Mercyhurst (Pa.), 54-12Sept. 9 at No. 21 Ashland (Ohio)
2Colorado School of Mines (1)1-06932D. No. 3 Grand Valley St. (Mich.), 31-28Sept. 9 at No. 4 Angelo St. (Tex.)
3Pittsburg St. (Kan.)1-06634D. Washburn (Kan.), 34-7Sept. 7 at Fort Hays St. (Kan.)
4Angelo St. (Tex.)1-06165D. West Alabama, 38-14Sept. 9 vs. No. 2 Colorado School of Mines
5Northwest Missouri St.1-05836D. Missouri Southern, 31-24Sept. 7 vs. No. 18 Emporia St. (Kan.)
6West Florida1-05587D. Kentucky Wesleyan, 35-3Sept. 9 at McKendree (Ill.)
7Grand Valley St. (Mich.)0-15363Lost to No. 2 Colorado Mines, 31-28Sept. 9 vs. No. 25 Colorado St.-Pueblo
8Ouachita Baptist (Ark.)1-05108D. Southwestern Oklahoma St., 38-14Sept. 9 vs. Northwestern Oklahoma St.
9Minnesota St. 1-05059D. Sioux Falls (S.D.), 54-26Sept. 9 vs. Wayne St. (Neb.)
10Delta St. (Miss.)1-047210D. Missouri S&T, 48-20Sept. 9 at Chowan (N.C.)
11Bemidji St. (Minn.)1-044111D. Northern St. (S.D.), 49-13Sept. 9 at Southwest Minnesota St.
12Harding (Ark.)1-037114D. Southern Nazarene (Okla.), 53-20Sept. 9 vs. Oklahoma Baptist
13Indiana (Pa.)1-034616D. No. 12 Ashland (Ohio), 24-17Sept. 9 vs. East Stroudsburg (Pa.)
14Shepherd (W.Va.)1-034113D. Southern Connecticut St., 27-26Sept. 9 at Edinboro (Pa.)
15Slippery Rock (Pa.)1-030915D. Wayne St. (Mich.), 28-17Sept. 9 vs. West Chester (Pa.)
16Benedict (S.C.) (1)1-027417D. Shaw (N.C.), 52-0Sept. 9 at Edward Waters (Fla.)
17Virginia Union1-024918D. Morehouse (Ga.), 45-13Sept. 9 at Shaw (N.C.)
18Emporia St. (Kan.)1-023519D. Lincoln (Mo.), 56-10Sept. 7 at No. 5 Northwest Missouri St.
19Indianapolis (Ind.)1-017020D. Hillsdale (Mich.), 39-20Sept. 16 vs. Wayne St. (Mich.)
20West Georgia1-014022D. Limestone (S.C.), 21-19Sept. 9 at Texas A&M-Kingsville
21Ashland (Ohio)0-113312Lost to No. 16 Indiana (Pa.), 24-17Sept. 9 vs. No. 1 Ferris St. (Mich.)
22Wingate (N.C.)1-013021D. Albany St. (Ga.), 30-7Sept. 7 at Mars Hill (N.C.)
23Assumption (Mass.)1-08423D. Kutztown (Pa.), 31-20Sept. 9 at Southern Connecticut St.
24Lenoir-Rhyne (N.C.)1-07625D. St. Augustine’s (N.C.), 45-7Sept. 9 at Fayetteville St. (N.C.)
25Colorado St.-Pueblo1-062NRD. Midwestern St. (Tex.), 37-8Sept. 9 at No. 7 Grand Valley St. (Mich.)

Dropped Out: Newberry (S.C.) (24)

Others Receiving Votes: Newberry (S.C.), 44; Bowie St. (Md.), 38; Wayne St. (Neb.), 20; Henderson St. (Ark.), 16; Western Colorado, 15; Davenport (Mich.), 13; Central Washington, 8; Fort Hays St. (Kan.), 8; Texas A&M-Kingsville, 8; Minnesota-Duluth, 7; Notre Dame (Ohio), 5; Saginaw Valley St. (Mich.), 5; Central Oklahoma, 4; Limestone (S.C.), 4; Truman St. (Mo.), 4; Augustana (S.D.), 3; Tiffin (Ohio), 2; Tuskegee (Ala.), 2; Millersville (Pa.), 1.

RankSchool (1st votes)2022 Rec.Pts.2022 RankSeason OpenerHead Coach
1Ferris St. (Mich.) (29)14-17251Aug. 31 vs. Mercyhurst (Pa.)Tony Annese
2Colorado School of Mines13-36422Aug. 31 vs. No. 3 Grand Valley St. (Mich.)Pete Sterbick
3Grand Valley St. (Mich.)12-16413Aug. 31 at No. 2 Colorado School of MinesScott Wooster
4Pittsburg St. (Kan.)12-16335Aug. 31 vs. Washburn (Kan.)Brian Wright
5Angelo St. (Tex.)12-15907Aug. 31 at West AlabamaJeff Girsch
6Northwest Missouri St.10-35608Aug. 31 at Missouri SouthernRich Wright
7West Florida12-24824Sept. 1 vs. Kentucky WesleyanKaleb Nobles
8Ouachita Baptist (Ark.)11-145510Aug. 31 at Southwestern Oklahoma St.Todd Knight
9Minnesota St. 10-345014Aug. 31 at Sioux Falls (S.D.)Todd Hoffner
10Delta St. (Miss.)11-24389Aug. 31 at Missouri S&TTodd Cooley
11Bemidji St. (Minn.)10-342024Aug. 31 vs. Northern St. (S.D.)Brent Bolte
12Ashland (Ohio)10-238713Aug. 31 at No. 16 Indiana (Pa.)Doug Geiser
13Shepherd (W.Va.)13-23596Sept. 2 vs. Southern Connecticut St.Ernie McCook
14Harding (Ark.)9-230522Aug. 31 at Southern Nazarene (Okla.)Paul Simmons
15Slippery Rock (Pa.)10-330416Sept. 2 vs. Wayne St. (Mich.)Shawn Lutz
16Indiana (Pa.)10-230011Aug. 31 vs. No. 12 Ashland (Ohio)Paul Tortorella
17Benedict (S.C.) (1)11-123212Sept. 2 vs. Shaw (N.C.)Chennis Berry
18Virginia Union9-220018Sept. 3 vs. Morehouse (Ga.)Alvin Parker
19Emporia St. (Kan.)9-3187NRAug. 31 vs. Lincoln (Mo.)Garin Higgins
20Indianapolis (Ind.)9-214917Sept. 2 vs. Hillsdale (Mich.)Chris Keevers
21Wingate (N.C.)11-314715Aug. 31 vs. Albany St. (Ga.)Joe Reich
22West Georgia8-214619Aug. 31 vs. Limestone (S.C.)David Dean
23Assumption (Mass.)8-3132NRSept. 2 vs. Kutztown (Pa.)Andy McKenzie
24Newberry (S.C.)9-213121Sept. 2 at Shippensburg (Pa.)Todd Knight
25Lenoir-Rhyne (N.C.)8-3129NRSept. 2 vs. St. Augustine’s (N.C.) Mike Jacobs

Others Receiving Votes: Notre Dame (Ohio), 99; Davenport (Mich.), 69; Colorado St.-Pueblo, 56; Bowie St. (Md.), 53; Truman St. (Mo.), 31; Central Washington, 30; Limestone (S.C.), 30; Winona St. (Minn.), 23; Wayne St. (Neb.), 18; Henderson St. (Ark.), 17; Fayetteville St. (N.C.), 16; Tuskegee (Ala.), 16; Morehouse (Ga.), 13; Findlay (Ohio), 12; Fort Valley St. (Ga.), 11; Ohio Dominican, 10; Tiffin (Ohio), 10; California (Pa.), 9; Washburn (Kan.), 9; Charleston (W.Va.), 8; Millersville (Pa.), 8; Mars Hill (N.C.), 6; Saginaw Valley St. (Mich.), 6; Texas A&M-Kingsville, 6; Western Colorado, 6; Kutztown (Pa.), 5; Wayne St. (Mich.), 5; Winston-Salem St. (N.C.), 5; Gannon (Pa.), 4; Central Oklahoma, 3; Central St. (Ohio), 2; New Haven (Conn.), 2; Sioux Falls (S.D.), 2; Southern Arkansas, 2; Bluefield St. (W.Va.), 1; Minnesota-Duluth, 1; Nebraska-Kearney, 1; West Alabama, 1.


In response to overwhelming support by NCAA Division III coaches, the American Football Coaches Association began publishing a Division III Top 25 Coaches’ Poll in 1999.

Prior to 1999, there were no coaches’ polls for any NCAA divisions other than Football Bowl Subdivision. The NCAA had published a regional poll for Division III prior to 1999, but discontinued the poll because of changes in the selection process for the Division III playoffs that took effect in 1999.

The regional poll had been used to rank teams for consideration for the 16-team playoff tournament. But in 1999, the Division III playoffs expanded to 28 teams and the regional format was no longer used.


The Division III poll follows the same basic format as the USA Today Coaches’ Poll. The Division III Board of Coaches will have 42 voters, representing all Division III conferences. The Division III Coaches’ Poll will be released on Mondays beginning in September and will run through the completion of the regular season in mid-November. A final poll will be released on the Monday following the Amos Alonzo Stagg Bowl.

RankSchool (1st votes)Rec.Pts.Prev.PostseasonHead Coach
1Cortland (N.Y.) (49)14-1122513D. No. 1 North Central (Ill.), 38-37, in national championshipCurt Fitzpatrick
2North Central (Ill.)14-111761Lost to No. 13 Cortland (N.Y.), 38-37, in national championshipBrad Spencer
3Wartburg (Iowa)13-111223Lost to No. 1 North Central (Ill.), 34-27, in semifinalsChris Winter
4Wisconsin-La Crosse11-29946Lost to No. 1 North Central (Ill.), 55-42, in quarterfinalsMatt Janus
5Wisconsin-Whitewater11-29885Lost to No. 3 Wartburg (Iowa), 31-28, in quarterfinalsJace Rindahl
6Randolph-Macon (Va.)13-19878Lost to No. 13 Cortland (N.Y.), 49-14, in semifinalsPedro Arruza
7Alma (Mich.)12-188911Lost to No. 13 Cortland (N.Y.), 58-41, in quarterfinalsJason Couch
8Johns Hopkins (Md.)12-18667Lost to No. 8 Randolph-Macon (Va.), 39-36, in quarterfinalsGreg Chimera
9Mount Union (Ohio)11-18182Lost to No. 11 Alma (Mich.), 24-20, in second roundGeoff Dartt
10Grove City (Pa.) 11-173116Lost to No. 13 Cortland (N.Y.), 25-24, in second roundAndrew DiDonato
11Trinity (Tex.)10-27234Lost to No. 1 North Central (Ill.), 71-28, in second roundJerheme Urban
12Aurora (Ill.)11-16879Lost to No. 6 Wisconsin-La Crosse, 56-35, in second roundDon Beebe
13Wheaton (Ill.)10-265912Lost to No. 5 Wisconsin-Whitewater, 49-42, in second roundJesse Scott
14Susquehanna (Pa.)10-154810Lost to No. 16 Grove City (Pa.), 21-20, in first roundTom Perkovich
15Endicott (Mass.)9-251214Lost to No. 13 Cortland (N.Y.), 23-17, in first roundPaul McGonagle
16Whitworth (Wash)10-146718tLost to No. 3 Wartburg (Iowa), 42-20, in second roundRod Sandberg
17Hardin-Simmons (Tex.)9-237215Lost to No. 4 Trinity (Tex.), 20-6, in first roundJesse Burleson
18Ithaca (N.Y.)9-331623Lost to No. 8 Randolph-Macon (Va.), 46-0, in second roundMichael Toerper
19Muhlenberg (Pa.)10-127317D. Lebanon Valley (Pa.), 23-7, in Centennial-MAC BowlNate Milne
20Union (N.Y.)10-2244NRLost to No. 7 Johns Hopkins (Md.), 39-17, in second roundJon Poppe
21DePauw (Ind.)10-122021Lost to No. 11 Alma (Mich.), 32-17, in first roundBrett Dietz
22St. John’s (Minn.)8-219520DNQ PlayoffsGary Fasching
23Berry (Ga.) 9-117722DNQ PlayoffsTony Kunczewski
24Linfield (Ore.)8-117218tDNQ PlayoffsJoseph Smith
25John Carroll (Ohio)8-29624DNQ PlayoffsJeff Behrman

Dropped out: Delaware Valley (Pa.) (25)

Others Receiving Votes: Wisconsin-River Falls, 93; Carnegie Mellon (Pa.), 79; Delaware Valley (Pa.), 79; Coe (Iowa), 62; Bethel (Minn.), 29; Mount St. Joseph (Ohio), 29; Christopher Newport (Va.), 23; Belhaven (Miss.), 17; Wisconsin-Platteville, 17; Springfield (Mass.), 12; Trinity (Conn.), 8; Wisconsin-Oshkosh, 8; Chapman (Calif.), 4; Illinois College, 3; Mary Hardin-Baylor (Tex.), 2; Washington & Jefferson (Pa.), 2; Rensselaer (N.Y.), 1.

RankSchool (1st votes)Rec.Pts.Prev.Last WeekNext Game
1North Central (Ill.) (48)10-012241D. Augustana (Ill.), 61-17Nov. 18 vs. Belhaven (Miss.)
2Mount Union (Ohio) (1)10-011742D. Baldwin Wallace (Ohio), 41-17Nov. 18 vs. Alfred St. (N.Y.)
3Wartburg (Iowa)10-011233IdleNov. 18 vs. Illinois College
4Trinity (Tex.)9-110195D. Hendrix (Ark.), 56-7Nov. 18 vs. No. 15 Hardin-Simmons (Tex.)
5Wisconsin-Whitewater9-19916D. Wisconsin-Eau Claire, 59-0Nov. 18 vs. Bethel (Minn.)
6Wisconsin-La Crosse9-19807D. Wisconsin-Stevens Point, 41-7Nov. 18 vs. Minnesota-Morris
7Johns Hopkins (Md.)10-09438D. McDaniel (Md.), 58-7Nov. 18 vs. Western Connecticut St.
8Randolph-Macon (Va.)10-08899D. Hampden-Sydney (Va.), 49-10Nov. 18 vs. Christopher Newport (Va.)
9Aurora (Ill.)10-082110D. Concordia (Wis.), 23-0Nov. 18 vs. Coe (Iowa)
10Susquehanna (Pa.)10-079011D. Lycoming (Pa.), 49-10Nov. 18 vs. No. 16 Grove City (Pa.)
11Alma (Mich.)10-069113D. Albion (Mich.), 50-14Nov. 18 vs. No. 21 DePauw (Ind.)
12Wheaton (Ill.)9-169012D. North Park (Ill.), 42-26Nov. 18 vs. Mount St. Joseph (Ohio)
13Cortland (N.Y.)9-161716D. No. 14 Ithaca (N.Y.), 38-28Nov. 18 at No. 14 Endicott (Mass.)
14Endicott (Mass.)9-149017D. New England (Maine), 41-14Nov. 18 vs. No. 13 Cortland (N.Y.)
15Hardin-Simmons (Tex.)9-146718D. East Texas Baptist, 42-27Nov. 18 at No. 4 Trinity (Tex.)
16Grove City (Pa.) 10-044119D. Thiel (Pa.), 31-0Nov. 18 at No. 10 Susquehanna (Pa.)
17Muhlenberg (Pa.)9-133721D. Montclair St. (N.J.), 45-14Nov. 18 vs. Lebanon Valley (Pa.)
18t.Linfield (Ore.)8-13344Lost to Whitworth (Wash.), 28-24Season Complete
18t.Whitworth (Wash)9-0334NRD. No. 4 Linfield (Ore.), 28-24Nov. 18 vs. Chapman (Calif.)
20St. John’s (Minn.)8-232920D. Concordia (Minn.), 48-21Season Complete
21DePauw (Ind.)10-028322D. Wabash (Ind.), 33-30 2OTNov. 18 at No. 11 Alma (Mich.)
22Berry (Ga.) 9-121024D. Rhodes (Tenn.), 36-12Season Complete
23Ithaca (N.Y.)8-217914Lost to No. 16 Cortland (N.Y.), 38-28Nov. 18 at Springfield (Mass.)
24John Carroll (Ohio)8-216623D. Otterbein (Ohio), 37-22Season Complete
25Delaware Valley (Pa.)9-114725D. Widener (Pa.), 23-6Nov. 18 vs. Union (N.Y.)

Dropped out: Wisconsin-River Falls (15)

Others Receiving Votes: Coe (Iowa), 94; Wisconsin-River Falls, 54; Carnegie Mellon (Pa.), 43; Union (N.Y.), 35; Wisconsin-Oshkosh, 8; Belhaven (Miss.), 6; Bethel (Minn.), 5; Illinois College, 4; Mary Hardin-Baylor (Tex.), 3; Mount St. Joseph (Ohio), 2; Trinity (Conn.), 1; Wisconsin-Platteville, 1.

RankSchool (1st votes)Rec.Pts.Prev.Last WeekNext Game
1North Central (Ill.) (48)9-012241D. Illinois Wesleyan, 83-26Nov. 11 at Augustana (Ill.)
2Mount Union (Ohio) (1)9-011762D. No. 15 John Carroll (Ohio), 49-14Nov. 11 vs. Baldwin Wallace (Ohio)
3Wartburg (Iowa)10-011193D. Nebraska Wesleyan, 45-0Nov. 11 - Idle
4Linfield (Ore.)8-010234D. Pacific Lutheran (Wash.), 42-19Nov. 11 vs. Whitworth (Wash.)
5Trinity (Tex.)8-19735D. Sewanee (Tenn.), 44-6Nov. 11 vs. Hendrix (Ark.)
6Wisconsin-Whitewater8-19606D. Wisconsin-Stevens Point, 48-0Nov. 11 vs. Wisconsin-Eau Claire
7Wisconsin-La Crosse8-19447D. No. 10 Wisconsin-River Falls, 31-28Nov. 11 at Wisconsin-Stevens Point
8Johns Hopkins (Md.)9-09048D. Dickinson (Pa.). 34-23Nov. 11 vs. McDaniel (Md.)
9Randolph-Macon (Va.)9-08319D. Ferrum (Va.), 49-16Nov. 11 vs. Hampden-Sydney (Va.)
10Aurora (Ill.)9-074811D. Lakeland (Wis.), 70-14Nov. 11 vs. Concordia (Wis.)
11Susquehanna (Pa.)9-071712IdleNov. 11 vs. Lycoming (Pa.)
12Wheaton (Ill.)8-162313D. Washington (Mo.), 36-35Nov. 11 at North Park (Ill.)
13Alma (Mich.)9-061314D. Adrian (Mich.), 45-24Nov. 11 at Albion (Mich.)
14Ithaca (N.Y.)8-154516D. St. Lawrence (N.Y.), 51-14Nov. 11 vs. No. 16 Cortland (N.Y.)
15Wisconsin-River Falls7-251410Lost to No. 7 Wisconsin-La Crosse, 31-28Nov. 11 at Wisconsin-Oshkosh
16Cortland (N.Y.)8-148417D. Brockport (N.Y.), 41-17Nov. 11 at No. 14 Ithaca (N.Y.)
17Endicott (Mass.)8-141318D. Curry (Mass.), 48-6Nov. 11 vs. New England (Maine)
18Hardin-Simmons (Tex.)8-138319D. Austin College (Tex.), 59-19Nov. 11 at East Texas Baptist
19Grove City (Pa.) 9-033620IdleNov. 11 at Thiel (Pa.)
20St. John’s (Minn.)7-228121D. St. Olaf (Minn.), 49-10Nov. 11 at Concordia (Minn.)
21Muhlenberg (Pa.)8-123222D. Franklin & Marshall (Pa.), 48-45 2OTNov. 11 at Montclair St. (N.J.)
22DePauw (Ind.)9-021023IdleNov. 11 at Wabash (Ind.)
23John Carroll (Ohio)7-218115Lost to No. 2 Mount Union (Ohio), 49-14Nov. 11 at Otterbein (Ohio)
24Berry (Ga.) 8-114425D. Birmingham-Southern (Ala.), 53-6Nov. 11 vs. Rhodes (Tenn.)
25Delaware Valley (Pa.)8-113424D. Misericordia (Pa.), 28-6Nov. 11 vs. Widener (Pa.)

Dropped out: None

Others Receiving Votes: Whitworth (Wash.), 78; Coe (Iowa), 54; Carnegie Mellon (Pa.), 24; Augustana (Ill.), 20; Union (N.Y.), 11; Utica (N.Y.), 11; Wisconsin-Platteville, 5; Mary Hardin-Baylor (Tex.), 3; Belhaven (Miss.), 2; Bethel (Minn.), 2; Gustavus Adolphus (Minn.), 1; Illinois College, 1; Wisconsin-Oshkosh, 1.

RankSchool (1st votes)Rec.Pts.Prev.Last WeekNext Game
1North Central (Ill.) (48)8-012241D. North Park (Ill.), 56-0Nov. 4 vs. Illinois Wesleyan
2Mount Union (Ohio) (1)8-011732D. Otterbein (Ohio), 51-14Nov. 4 at No. 15 John Carroll (Ohio)
3Wartburg (Iowa)9-011203D. Central (Iowa), 24-14Nov. 4 at Nebraska Wesleyan
4Linfield (Ore.)7-010244D. Pacific (Ore.), 42-27Nov. 4 at Pacific Lutheran (Wash.)
5Trinity (Tex.)7-19865D. Millsaps (Miss.), 63-0Nov. 4 at Sewanee (Tenn.)
6Wisconsin-Whitewater7-19586D. Wisconsin-Platteville, 45-23Nov. 4 at Wisconsin-Stevens Point
7Wisconsin-La Crosse7-19098D. Wisconsin-Eau Claire, 59-14Nov. 4 at No. 10 Wisconsin-River Falls
8Johns Hopkins (Md.)8-09037D. No. 16 Muhlenberg (Pa.), 34-28Nov. 4 at Dickinson (Pa.)
9Randolph-Macon (Va.)8-08179D. Washington & Lee (Va.), 35-12Nov. 4 at Ferrum (Va.)
10Wisconsin-River Falls7-177910D. Wisconsin-Stout, 49-35Nov. 4 vs. No. 7 Wisconsin-La Crosse
11Aurora (Ill.)8-072411D. Rockford (Ill.), 77-10Nov. 4 vs. Lakeland (Wis.)
12Susquehanna (Pa.)9-068812D. Moravian (Pa.), 33-14Nov. 11 vs. Lycoming (Pa.)
13Wheaton (Ill.)7-161913D. Millikin (Ill.), 75-0Nov. 4 vs. Washington (Mo.)
14Alma (Mich.)8-057714D. Olivet (Mich.), 41-20Nov. 4 at Adrian (Mich.)
15John Carroll (Ohio)7-154915D. Muskingum (Ohio), 42-13Nov. 4 vs. No. 2 Mount Union (Ohio)
16Ithaca (N.Y.)7-145717D. Buffalo St. (N.Y.), 62-0Nov. 4 at St. Lawrence (N.Y.)
17Cortland (N.Y.)7-141318D. Hartwick (N.Y.), 73-7Nov. 4 vs. Brockport (N.Y.)
18Endicott (Mass.)7-134219D. Husson (Maine), 23-13Nov. 4 vs. Curry (Mass.)
19Hardin-Simmons (Tex.)7-128822D. No. 25 Mary Hardin-Baylor (Tex.), 24-14Nov. 4 at Austin College (Tex.)
20Grove City (Pa.) 9-027521D. Bethany (W.Va.), 56-14Nov. 11 at Thiel (Pa.)
21St. John’s (Minn.)6-226220D. St. Scholastica (Minn.), 62-7Nov. 4 at St. Olaf (Minn.)
22Muhlenberg (Pa.)7-123016Lost to No. 7 Johns Hopkins (Md.), 34-28 Nov. 4 vs. Franklin & Marshall (Pa.)
23DePauw (Ind.)9-018323D. Kenyon (Ohio), 58-7Nov. 11 at Wabash (Ind.)
24Delaware Valley (Pa.)7-111424D. Stevenson (Md.), 21-14Nov. 4 at Misericordia (Pa.)
25Berry (Ga.) 7-199NRD. Hendrix (Ark.), 53-6Nov. 4 at Birmingham-Southern (Ala.)

Dropped out: Mary Hardin-Baylor (Tex.) (25)

Others Receiving Votes: Whitworth (Wash.), 77; Coe (Iowa), 43; Carnegie Mellon (Pa.), 24; Augustana (Ill.), 16; Wisconsin-Oshkosh, 11; Utica (N.Y.), 10; Union (N.Y.), 9; Wisconsin-Platteville, 6; Brockport (N.Y.), 4; Belhaven (Miss.), 3; Rensselaer (N.Y.), 3; Lake Forest (Ill.), 2; Mary Hardin-Baylor (Tex.), 2; Gustavus Adolphus (Minn.), 1; Widener (Pa.), 1.

RankSchool (1st votes)Rec.Pts.Prev.Last WeekNext Game
1North Central (Ill.) (47)7-011991D. Washington (Mo.), 49-3Oct. 28 at North Park (Ill.)
2Mount Union (Ohio) (1)7-011522D. Wilmington (Ohio), 69-0Oct. 28 vs. Otterbein (Ohio)
3Wartburg (Iowa)8-011003D. Loras (Iowa), 62-7Oct. 28 vs. Central (Iowa)
4Linfield (Ore.)6-010034D. Puget Sound (Wash.), 55-6Oct. 28 vs. Pacific (Ore.)
5Trinity (Tex.)6-19545D. Southwestern (Tex.), 57-7Oct. 28 vs. Millsaps (Miss.)
6Wisconsin-Whitewater6-19286D. Wisconsin-Stout, 37-20Oct. 28 vs. Wisconsin-Platteville
7Johns Hopkins (Md.)7-08867D. Ursinus (Pa.), 42-14Oct. 28 at No. 16 Muhlenberg (Pa.)
8Wisconsin-La Crosse6-18758D. Wisconsin-Oshkosh, 31-28Oct. 28 vs. Wisconsin-Eau Claire
9Randolph-Macon (Va.)7-080610D. Shenandoah (Va.), 48-13Oct. 28 vs. Washington & Lee (Va.)
10Wisconsin-River Falls6-177011D. Wisconsin-Stevens Point, 75-14Oct. 28 at Wisconsin-Stout
11Aurora (Ill.)7-070712D. Wisconsin-Lutheran, 70-7Oct. 28 at Rockford (Ill.)
12Susquehanna (Pa.)8-067713D. Wilkes (Pa.), 34-7Oct. 28 at Moravian (Pa.)
13Wheaton (Ill.)6-160514D. Carroll (Wis.), 52-6Oct. 28 at Millikin (Ill.)
14Alma (Mich.)7-054615D. Kalamazoo (Mich.), 43-10Oct. 28 vs. Olivet (Mich.)
15John Carroll (Ohio)6-152116D. Capital (Ohio), 63-17Oct. 28 vs. Muskingum (Ohio)
16Muhlenberg (Pa.)7-043317D. Dickinson (Pa.), 42-21Oct. 28 vs. No. 7 Johns Hopkins (Md.)
17Ithaca (N.Y.)6-141718D. Rochester (N.Y.), 24-10Oct. 28 vs. Buffalo St. (N.Y.)
18Cortland (N.Y.)6-137519D. St. John Fisher (N.Y.), 42-14Oct. 28 at Hartwick (N.Y.)
19Endicott (Mass.)6-130020D. Nichols (Mass.), 48-0Oct. 28 at Husson (Maine)
20St. John’s (Minn.)5-22559Lost to Gustavus Adolphus (Minn.), 38-35Oct. 28 vs. St. Scholastica (Minn.)
21Grove City (Pa.) 8-022422D. St. Vincent (Pa.), 49-0Oct. 28 vs. Bethany (W.Va.)
22Hardin-Simmons (Tex.)6-121721D. Sul Ross St. (Tex.), 55-7Oct. 28 vs. No. 25 Mary Hardin-Baylor (Tex.)
23DePauw (Ind.)8-017523D. Wittenberg (Ohio), 41-35 OTOct. 28 vs. Kenyon (Ohio)
24Delaware Valley (Pa.)6-19424D. Lebanon Valley (Pa.), 21-17Oct. 28 vs. Stevenson (Md.)
25Mary Hardin-Baylor (Tex.)4-38825D. Austin (Tex.), 49-14Oct. 28 at No. 22 Hardin-Simmons (Tex.)

Others Receiving Votes: Berry (Ga.), 78; Whitworth (Wash.), 63; Coe (Iowa), 36; Wisconsin-Platteville, 29; Belhaven (Miss.), 28; Carnegie Mellon (Pa.), 16; Utica (N.Y.), 14; Augustana (Ill.), 13; Union (N.Y.), 5; Wisconsin-Oshkosh, 3; Gustavus Adolphus (Minn.), 2; Lake Forest (Ill.), 2; Rensselaer (N.Y.), 2; Marietta (Ohio), 1; Wisconsin-Stout, 1.

RankSchool (1st votes)Rec.Pts.Prev.Last WeekNext Game
1North Central (Ill.) (48)6-012241D. Millikin (Ill.), 75-3Oct. 21 vs. Washington (Mo.)
2Mount Union (Ohio) (1)6-011762D. Capital (Ohio), 76-0Oct. 21 at Wilmington (Ohio)
3Wartburg (Iowa)7-011253D. Dubuque (Iowa), 31-10Oct. 21 at Loras (Iowa)
4Linfield (Ore.)5-010105D. George Fox (Ore.), 41-13Oct. 21 at Puget Sound (Wash.)
5Trinity (Tex.)5-19576IdleOct. 21 at Southwestern (Tex.)
6Wisconsin-Whitewater5-189811D. No. 4 Wisconsin-River Falls, 21-14Oct. 21 vs. Wisconsin-Stout
7Johns Hopkins (Md.)6-08897D. Franklin & Marshall (Pa.), 34-27Oct. 21 vs. Ursinus (Pa.)
8Wisconsin-La Crosse5-18559D. Wisconsin-Platteville, 21-17Oct. 21 vs. Wisconsin-Oshkosh
9St. John’s (Minn.)5-18518D. Carleton (Minn.), 63-7Oct. 21 at Gustavus Adolphus (Minn.)
10Randolph-Macon (Va.)6-077710D. Bridgewater (Va.), 38-3Oct. 21 vs. Shenandoah (Va.)
11Wisconsin-River Falls5-17464Lost to No. 11 Wisconsin-Whitewater, 21-14 Oct. 21 at Wisconsin-Stevens Point
12Aurora (Ill.)6-067912D. St. Norbert (Wis.), 37-9Oct. 21 vs. Wisconsin-Lutheran
13Susquehanna (Pa.)7-066213D. Juniata (Pa.), 56-0Oct. 21 vs. Wilkes (Pa.)
14Wheaton (Ill.)5-158814D. Carthage (Wis.), 50-13Oct. 21 at Carroll (Wis.)
15Alma (Mich.)6-052015D. Hope (Mich.), 35-17Oct. 21 vs. Kalamazoo (Mich.)
16John Carroll (Ohio)5-150416D. Ohio Northern, 44-14Oct. 21 at Capital (Ohio)
17Muhlenberg (Pa.)6-041217D. Gettysburg (Pa.), 41-13Oct. 21 at Dickinson (Pa.)
18Ithaca (N.Y.)5-137618D. Union (N.Y.), 17-9Oct. 21 at Rochester (N.Y.)
19Cortland (N.Y.)5-132319D. Alfred (N.Y.), 59-21Oct. 21 at St. John Fisher (N.Y.)
20Endicott (Mass.)5-127020D. Western New England (Mass.), 24-21Oct. 21 at Nichols (Mass.)
21Hardin-Simmons (Tex.)5-120321D. Texas Lutheran, 27-22Oct. 21 at Sul Ross St. (Tex.)
22Grove City (Pa.) 7-019123D. Allegheny (Pa.), 31-7Oct. 21 vs. St. Vincent (Pa.)
23DePauw (Ind.)7-018822D. Wooster (Ohio), 53-7Oct. 21 at Wittenberg (Ohio)
24Delaware Valley (Pa.)5-19324D. FDU-Florham (N.J.), 20-0Oct. 21 vs. Lebanon Valley (Pa.)
25Mary Hardin-Baylor (Tex.)3-366NRD. Sul Ross State (Tex.), 37-13Oct. 21 at Austin (Tex.)

Dropped Out: Washington (Mo.) (25)

Others Receiving Votes: Berry (Ga.), 62; Whitworth (Wash.), 50; Lake Forest (Ill.), 48; Wisconsin-Oshkosh, 37; Coe (Iowa), 34; Wisconsin-Platteville, 31; Belhaven (Miss.), 29; Carnegie Mellon (Pa.), 15; Augustana, (Ill.), 13; Utica (N.Y.), 13; Howard Payne (Tex.), 6; Union (N.Y.), 2; Rensselaer (N.Y.), 1; Wisconsin-Stout, 1.

RankSchool (1st votes)Rec.Pts.Prev.Last WeekNext Game
1North Central (Ill.) (48)5-012241D. Carroll (Wis.), 69-24Oct. 14 at Millikin (Ill.)
2Mount Union (Ohio) (1)5-011752D. Heidelberg (Ohio), 41-3Oct. 14 vs. Capital (Ohio)
3Wartburg (Iowa)6-011184D. Luther (Iowa), 54-0Oct. 14 vs. Dubuque (Iowa)
4Wisconsin-River Falls5-010715D. Wisconsin-Eau Claire, 49-7Oct. 14 vs. No. 3 Wisconsin-Whitewater
5Linfield (Ore.)4-09836D. Lewis & Clark (Ore.), 57-15Oct. 14 vs. George Fox (Ore.)
6Trinity (Tex.)5-19347D. Centre (Ky.), 31-3Oct. 21 at Southwestern (Tex.)
7Johns Hopkins (Md.)5-08828D. Gettysburg (Pa.), 49-28Oct. 14 at Franklin & Marshall (Pa.)
8St. John’s (Minn.)4-18239D. Concordia (Minn.), 42-23Oct. 14 vs. Carleton (Minn.)
9Wisconsin-La Crosse4-180914D. No. 3 Wisconsin-Whitewater, 37-34Oct. 14 at Wisconsin-Platteville
10Randolph-Macon (Va.)5-079010D. Averett (Va.), 59-7Oct. 14 at Bridgewater (Va.)
11Wisconsin-Whitewater4-17463Lost to No. 14 Wisconsin-La Crosse, 37-34 Oct. 14 at No. 4 Wisconsin-River Falls
12Aurora (Ill.)5-070411D. Concordia (Ill.), 91-0Oct. 14 at St. Norbert (Wis.)
13Susquehanna (Pa.)6-067112D. Keystone (Pa.), 69-0Oct. 14 at Juniata (Pa.)
14Wheaton (Ill.)4-157013D. Elmhurst (Ill.), 61-6Oct. 14 vs. Carthage (Wis.)
15Alma (Mich.)5-051615IdleOct. 14 at Hope (Mich.)
16John Carroll (Ohio)4-144416D. Marietta (Ohio), 31-28Oct. 14 vs. Ohio Northern
17Muhlenberg (Pa.)5-041717D. McDaniel (Md.), 50-6Oct. 14 at Gettysburg (Pa.)
18Ithaca (N.Y.)4-138418D. Rensselaer (N.Y.), 20-17 OTOct. 14 vs. Union (N.Y.)
19Cortland (N.Y.)4-134619D. No. 22 Utica (N.Y.), 56-3Oct. 14 vs. Alfred (N.Y.)
20Endicott (Mass.)4-127021IdleOct. 14 vs. Western New England (Mass.)
21Hardin-Simmons (Tex.)4-123020D. McMurry (Tex.), 19-16 OTOct. 14 vs. Texas Lutheran
22DePauw (Ind.)6-018023D. Denison (Ohio), 17-6Oct. 14 at Wooster (Ohio)
23Grove City (Pa.) 6-014925D. Geneva (Pa.), 48-21Oct. 14 at Allegheny (Pa.)
24Delaware Valley (Pa.)4-112224D. Alvernia (Pa.), 28-12Oct. 14 at FDU-Florham (N.J.)
25Washington (Mo.)5-054NRD. Illinois Wesleyan, 38-10 Oct. 14 vs. Augustana (Ill.)

Dropped Out: Utica (N.Y.) (22)

Others Receiving Votes: Mary Hardin-Baylor (Tex.), 52; Berry (Ga.), 35; Lake Forest (Ill.), 35; Whitworth (Wash.), 34; Coe (Iowa), 30; Union (N.Y.), 28; Wisconsin-Oshkosh, 21; Belhaven (Miss.), 20; Carnegie Mellon (Pa.), 14; Rensselaer (N.Y.), 9; Wisconsin-Platteville, 9; Augustana (Ill.), 8; Utica (N.Y.), 8; Howard Payne (Tex.), 6; Trinity (Conn.), 2; Wabash (Ind.), 2.

RankSchool (1st votes)Rec.Pts.Prev.Last WeekNext Game
1North Central (Ill.) (48)4-012241D. No. 8 Wheaton (Ill.), 54-35Oct. 7 vs. Carroll (Wis.)
2Mount Union (Ohio) (1)4-011682D. Ohio Northern, 35-0Oct. 7 at Heidelberg (Ohio)
3Wisconsin-Whitewater4-011283D. No. 21 Wisconsin-Oshkosh, 37-21Oct. 7 vs. No. 14 Wisconsin-La Crosse
4Wartburg (Iowa)5-010684D. Coe (Iowa), 27-21Oct. 7 at Luther (Iowa)
5Wisconsin-River Falls4-010175D. Wisconsin-Platteville, 27-16Oct. 7 at Wisconsin-Eau Claire
6Linfield (Ore.)3-09646D. Willamette (Ore.), 70-14Oct. 7 at Lewis & Clark (Ore.)
7Trinity (Tex.)4-19047D. Berry (Ga.), 46-37Oct. 7 vs. Centre (Ky.)
8Johns Hopkins (Md.)4-083310D. Rowan (N.J.), 55-20Oct. 6 vs. Gettysburg (Pa.)
9St. John’s (Minn.)3-18079D. Augsburg (Minn.), 27-24Oct. 7 vs. Concordia (Minn.)
10Randolph-Macon (Va.)4-077311D. Guilford (N.C.), 70-14Oct. 7 vs. Averett (Va.)
11Aurora (Ill.)4-070312D. Eureka (Ill.), 70-10Oct. 7 at Concordia (Ill.)
12Susquehanna (Pa.)5-066013D. Catholic (D.C.), 50-21Oct. 7 at Keystone (Pa.)
13Wheaton (Ill.)3-15738Lost to No. 1 North Central (Ill.), 54-35Oct. 7 at Elmhurst (Ill.)
14Wisconsin-La Crosse3-155514D. Wisconsin-Stout, 45-40Oct. 7 at No. 3 Wisconsin-Whitewater
15Alma (Mich.)5-054915D. Trine (Ind.), 70-30Oct. 14 at Hope (Mich.)
16John Carroll (Ohio)3-147316D. Wilmington (Ohio), 59-7Oct. 7 at Marietta (Ohio)
17Muhlenberg (Pa.)4-040317D. Ursinus (Pa.), 28-20Oct. 7 vs. McDaniel (Md.)
18Ithaca (N.Y.)3-136118D. Hobart (N.Y.), 24-14Oct. 7 at Rensselaer (N.Y.)
19Cortland (N.Y.)3-130520D. Morrisville St. (N.Y.), 52-15Oct. 7 vs. No. 22 Utica (N.Y.)
20Hardin-Simmons (Tex.)3-127119D. Howard Payne (Tex.), 40-33Oct. 7 at McMurry (Tex.)
21Endicott (Mass.)4-124222D. Hilbert (N.Y.), 66-0Oct. 14 vs. Western New England (Mass.)
22Utica (N.Y.)5-017023D. Hartwick (N.Y.), 48-7Oct. 7 at No. 19 Cortland (N.Y.)
23DePauw (Ind.)5-013225D. Oberlin (Ohio), 66-7 Oct. 7 vs. Denison (Ohio)
24Delaware Valley (Pa.)3-110624IdleOct. 7 at Alvernia (Pa.)
25Grove City (Pa.) 5-094NRD. Washington & Jefferson (Pa.), 31-24Oct. 7 at Geneva (Pa.)

Dropped Out: Wisconsin-Oshkosh (21)

Others Receiving Votes: Wisconsin-Oshkosh, 51; Washington (Mo.), 43; Albion (Mich.), 38; Lake Forest (Ill.), 36; Mary Hardin-Baylor (Tex.), 36; Union (N.Y.), 32; Rensselaer (N.Y.), 27; Whitworth (Wash.), 26; Coe (Iowa), 23; Carnegie Mellon (Pa.), 22; Claremont-Mudd-Scripps (Calif.), 20; Berry (Ga.), 18; Redlands (Calif.), 15; Belhaven (Miss.), 14; Wisconsin-Platteville, 14; Augustana (Ill.), 9; Howard Payne (Tex.), 4; Wabash (Ind.), 4; Bethel (Minn.), 3; Trinity (Conn.), 3; Case Western Reserve (Ohio), 2; Wisconsin-Stout, 2.

RankSchool (1st votes)Rec.Pts.Prev.Last WeekNext Game
1North Central (Ill.) (48)3-012241D. Elmhurst (Ill.), 59-6Sept. 30 at No. 8 Wheaton (Ill.)
2Mount Union (Ohio) (1)3-011692D. Muskingum (Ohio), 74-7Sept. 30 vs. Ohio Northern
3Wisconsin-Whitewater3-011183IdleSept. 30 at No. 21 Wisconsin-Oshkosh
4Wartburg (Iowa)4-010884D. Simpson (Iowa), 63-0Sept. 30 vs. Coe (Iowa)
5Wisconsin-River Falls3-010056IdleSept. 30 vs. Wisconsin-Platteville
6Linfield (Ore.)2-09477IdleSept. 30 vs. Willamette (Ore.)
7Trinity (Tex.)3-18879D. Rhodes (Tenn.), 63-14Sept. 30 at Berry (Ga.)
8Wheaton (Ill.)3-08468D. Augustana (Ill.), 41-34Sept. 30 vs. No. 1 North Central (Ill.)
9St. John’s (Minn.)2-180611D. No. 18 Bethel (Minn.), 27-7Sept. 30 at Augsburg (Minn.)
10Johns Hopkins (Md.)3-080010IdleSept. 30 at Rowan (N.J.)
11Randolph-Macon (Va.)3-073512IdleSept. 30 at Guilford (N.C.)
12Aurora (Ill.)3-066514IdleSept. 30 vs. Eureka (Ill.)
13Susquehanna (Pa.)4-059916D. Western New England (Mass.), 26-18Sept. 30 vs. Catholic (D.C.)
14Wisconsin-La Crosse2-156915IdleSept. 30 vs. Wisconsin-Stout
15Alma (Mich.)4-049117D. Wittenberg (Ohio), 48-28Sept. 30 vs. Trine (Ind.)
16John Carroll (Ohio)2-142019D. Heidelberg (Ohio), 34-7Sept. 30 vs. Wilmington (Ohio)
17Muhlenberg (Pa.)3-038120IdleSept. 29 at Ursinus (Pa.)
18Ithaca (N.Y.)2-130722IdleSept. 30 vs. Hobart (N.Y.)
19Hardin-Simmons (Tex.)2-13045Lost to Endicott (Mass.), 37-10Sept. 30 vs. Howard Payne (Tex.)
20Cortland (N.Y.)2-129621IdleSept. 30 at Morrisville St. (N.Y.)
21Wisconsin-Oshkosh2-124123IdleSept. 30 vs. No. 3 Wisconsin-Whitewater
22Endicott (Mass.)3-1139NRD. No. 5 Hardin-Simmons (Tex.), 37-10Sept. 30 at Hilbert (N.Y.)
23Utica (N.Y.)4-013124D. Curry (Mass.), 31-7Sept. 30 vs. Hartwick (N.Y.)
24Delaware Valley (Pa.)3-112025tD. King’s (Pa.), 28-0Oct. 7 at Alvernia (Pa.)
25DePauw (Ind.)4-011225tD. Ohio Wesleyan, 28-7Sept. 30 at Oberlin (Ohio)

Dropped Out: Carnegie Mellon (Pa.) (13), Bethel (Minn.) (18)

Others Receiving Votes: Carnegie Mellon (Pa.), 62; Mary Hardin-Baylor (Tex.), 50; Berry (Ga.), 43; Washington & Jefferson (Pa.), 43; Bethel (Minn.), 41; Coe (Iowa), 35; Grove City (Pa.), 32; Rensselaer (N.Y.), 31; Wisconsin-Platteville, 26; Lake Forest (Ill.), 25; Washington (Mo.), 24; Albion (Mich.), 21; Whitworth (Wash.), 19; Howard Payne (Tex.), 14; Ursinus (Pa.), 13; Denison (Ohio), 11; Union (N.Y.), 11; Trinity (Conn.), 7; Case Western Reserve (Ohio), 5; Claremont-Mudd-Scripps (Calif.), 4; Hanover (Ind.), 3; Massachusetts-Dartmouth, 2; Augustana (Ill.), 1; Carroll (Wis.), 1; Belhaven (Miss.), 1.

RankSchool (1st votes)Rec.Pts.Prev.Last WeekNext Game
1North Central (Ill.) (49)2-01225D. Carthage (Wis.), 70-0Sept. 23 at Elmhurst (Ill.)
2Mount Union (Ohio)2-01166D. Marietta (Ohio), 28-0Sept. 23 vs. Muskingum (Ohio)
3Wisconsin-Whitewater3-01093D. Mary Hardin-Baylor (Tex.), 17-14Sept. 30 at No. 23 Wisconsin-Oshkosh
4Wartburg (Iowa)3-01088D. Buena Vista (Iowa), 47-0Sept. 23 at Simpson (Iowa)
5Hardin-Simmons (Tex.)2-0997IdleSept. 22 at Endicott (Mass.)
6Wisconsin-River Falls3-0914D. Northwestern (Minn.), 75-3Sept. 30 vs. Wisconsin-Platteville
7Linfield (Ore.)2-0846D. Redlands (Calif.), 17-10Sept. 30 vs. Willamette (Ore.)
8Wheaton (Ill.)2-0809D. Illinois Wesleyan, 47-16Sept. 23 vs. Augustana (Ill.)
9Trinity (Tex.)2-1793D. Birmingham-Southern (Ala.), 38-3Sept. 23 vs. Rhodes (Tenn.)
10Johns Hopkins (Md.)3-0726D. Salisbury (Md.), 42-7Sept. 30 at Rowan (N.J.)
11St. John’s (Minn.)1-1692IdleSept. 23 vs. No. 18 Bethel (Minn.)
12Randolph-Macon (Va.)3-0681D. Southern Virginia, 51-10Sept. 30 at Guilford (N.C.)
13Carnegie Mellon (Pa.)3-0553D. Waynesburg (Pa.), 41-10Sept. 23 at Grove City (Pa.)
14Aurora (Ill.)3-0547D. Benedictine (Ill.), 63-7Sept. 30 vs. Eureka (Ill.)
15Wisconsin-La Crosse2-1544D. Northern Michigan, 34-3Sept. 30 vs. Wisconsin-Stout
16Susquehanna (Pa.)3-0515D. Cortland (N.Y.), 38-35Sept. 23 vs. Western New England (Mass.)
17Alma (Mich.)3-0335D. Anderson (Ind.), 60-14Sept. 23 at Wittenberg (Ohio)
18Bethel (Minn.)1-1313D. Wisconsin-Eau Claire, 24-0Sept. 23 at No. 11 St. John’s (Minn.)
19John Carroll (Ohio)1-1302D. Baldwin Wallace (Ohio), 30-7Sept. 23 at Heidelberg (Ohio)
20Muhlenberg (Pa.)3-0254D. New Jersey, 38-10Sept. 29 at Ursinus (Pa.)
21Cortland (N.Y.)2-1228Lost to Susquehanna (Pa.), 38-35Sept. 30 at Morrisville St. (N.Y.)
22Ithaca (N.Y.)2-1218D. Alfred (N.Y.), 22-0Sept. 30 vs. Hobart (N.Y.)
23Wisconsin-Oshkosh2-1194D. East Texas Baptist, 60-7Sept. 30 vs. No. 3 Wisconsin-Whitewater
24Utica (N.Y.)3-0112D. Lycoming (Pa.), 38-35Sept. 23 vs. Curry (Mass.)
25t.Delaware Valley (Pa.)2-1106D. Eastern (Pa.), 29-6Sept. 23 vs. King’s (Pa.)
25t.DePauw (Ind.)3-0106D. Hiram (Ohio), 49-0Sept. 23 vs. Ohio Wesleyan

Others Receiving Votes: Rensselaer (N.Y.), 83; Mary Hardin-Baylor (Tex.), 82; Washington & Jefferson (Pa.), 78; Lake Forest (Ill.), 51; Albion (Mich.), 47; Berry (Ga.), 43; Washington (Mo.), 36; Coe (Iowa), 35; Wisconsin-Platteville, 24; Ursinus (Pa.), 18; Massachusetts-Dartmouth, 16; Howard Payne (Tex.), 15; Whitworth (Wash.), 14; Hobart (N.Y.), 9; Union (N.Y.), 6; Belhaven (Miss.), 4; Endicott (Mass.), 2; Huntingdon (Ala.), 2; Claremont-Mudd-Scripps (Calif.), 1; Heidelberg (Ohio), 1; Trinity (Conn.), 1.